You’ll Be Seeing These Personalized Cards Everywhere This Mother’s Day


We’ve all been there: That “Oh, shoot!” moment when you realize that Mother’s Day is next week. (FYI: It’s May 12 this year—you’re welcome.) You wander into your local drugstore: a bleak, fluorescent-light twilight zone of picked-over and unwanted greeting cards. Thankfully, Moonpig, a new-to-us greeting card company, has you covered. Their thousands of funny, precious, earnest, sweet, cool and artsy cards are fully personalizable, meaning it’s the ultimate keepsake for mom. Read on for how it works, then shop a few of our favorite cards for Mother’s Day below.

How Does Moonpig Work?

Browse the thousands of Moonpig cards for your favorite (they have every occasion under the sun covered). Then add your own photos to the front of the card, plus customize the message and even insert a pre-written note on the inside so it’s all ready to go by the time it gets to you. It’ll be mailed to your doorstep the same day you order it—always with free shipping.

If you’re really looking to make Mom’s day, Moonpig also gives you the option to seamlessly add a gift card (they have a wide selection of retailers, like Sephora, Cheesecake Factory and Barnes & Noble) to your order.

Who Are They For?

Literally, everyone. From dog and cat moms to foster moms, soon-to-be-moms, “like-a-moms,” grannies, nanas, dads and everyone in between, there’s a Moonpig card for just about every person you can think of. Beat that, sad drugstore greeting card aisle. 

How Much Are They?

Moonpig cards are $5. For an extra special surprise, you can pay $9 for a jumbo-size card (which, who are we kidding, Mom will probably display on the mantle for years). Plus, you can get your first card FREE with code PUREWOW. 


1. Thanks for Listening


2. You’re My World


3. From the Grandkids


4. Two Moms

4 1

5. Happy Birthday *and* Mother’s Day


6. From Your Second Born


7. From Your Bear Cub

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