The 5 Most Popular Cat Breeds in the U.S. (& What Makes Them So Great)

If you’ve been in the market for a furry feline friend but haven’t had much luck, you’re not alone. Bringing a cat home warrants some big questions: Do I have the space? Can I afford the inevitable vet bills? Will Pumpkin get along with Larry the Lizard? Those are all factors to consider. While the process can be stressful, Filter King is helping us narrow down the options. The company polled people across the country to find out the most popular cat breeds in the U.S. Below, check out which cat breeds cracked the top five and why people love them so much.

The 11 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds (Yes, They Do Exist)

most popular cat breeds in us maine coon
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1. Maine Coon

With the way these fuzzy felines have popped up on several lists, it’s no surprise they are a top favorite across the nation—over eight million people have searched for them. Not only are they one of the friendliest cat breeds, but they are also super affectionate and great with kids. Maine Coons are known to be chill, so don’t expect too much leaping and running. These gentle giants prefer lounging around the house and cuddling with their humans.

most popular cat breeds in us bengal
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2. Bengal

These active kitties are oh-so-easy to love. Besides the ultra-adorable doe eyes, petite frame that’s perfect for cuddles and their amicable demeanor, these cats also boast a beautiful, hypoallergenic coat. So if you tend to get sneezy and watery-eyed around cats, Bengals may be the pick for you.

most popular cat breeds in us savannah
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3. Savannah

Sure, they’re among the largest cat breeds (males can grow to be 23 pounds, while females come in at 20), but that just means there’s more of these felines to love. They’re playful, adventurous and fiercely loyal, so expect them to cling to your side when you’re home. These versatile cats also love playing in the water and can even be trained to walk on a leash and play fetch.

most popular cat breeds in us siamese
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4. Siamese

Siamese cats are probably one of the easiest cat breeds to identify due to their distinct markings and piercing blue eyes. These lanky toms are hyper social, so expect them to join in on family movie night or follow you around as you clean. Siamese cats are also known to be quite loquacious, so they’ll be sure to fill your home with adoring purrs.

most popular cat breeds in us munchkin
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5. Munchkin

If their name alone doesn’t pique your interest, their short and stout legs will have you swooning. Unlike Maine Coons that are practically friendlier lions, Munchkin cats are on the smaller side. These pint-size cuties average between six to nine pounds and can grow to five to seven inches in height. With those endearing nubbly toes and compact frame, it’s no wonder nearly three million Americans are looking to adopt them.

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