The 20 Most Popular Names From 2005 That Every Zoomer Will Recognize

If you were born in the ‘00s, there’s a very good chance you’re well acquainted with Billie Eilish, a particular pineapple under the sea, TikTok…and more than one Emily. Without further ado, here’s a list of the most popular boy and girl names from 2005, according to Social Security Administration (SSA) and Name Census data.

Most Popular Girl Names From 2005

1. Emily

The most popular girl name from 2005 goes way back: Emily is derived from the Roman name Aemelia and has multiple meanings, including “rival,” “laborious” and “eager.”

2. Emma

If you didn’t grow up with an Emily, then you probably knew a few Emmas instead. This sweet two-syllable name has German roots and a meaning of “whole” and “universal.” (Fun fact: It’s also the name Rachel gave her baby on the TV show Friends that ran from 1994 to 2004.)

3. Madison

Traditionally an English surname meaning “son of Matthew,” Madison has evolved into a feminine given name with classy, Old World vibes and stateside ties to a certain “Father of the Constitution.”

4. Abigail

Here, a name of Ancient Hebrew origin that means “Father’s joy.” And while you might think that actress Abigail Breslin was a ‘00s baby, she was actually born in 1996.

5. Olivia

This melodic feminine name of Latin origin is related to the olive tree, a symbol of peace and friendship that dates back to Greek mythology. It’s also been in the top 10 baby girl names for the last 20 years!

6. Isabella

Soft-sounding and oh-so feminine—this four-syllable moniker is a Spanish and Italian variant of the name Elizabeth with a dual meaning of “oath of God” and “beautiful.”

7. Hannah

We get sweet, coy and caring vibes from this name of Hebrew origin, which means “favor” and “grace.” (We’re also getting serious Hannah Montana flashbacks.)

8. Samantha

There’s an air of sophistication to Samantha—a three-syllable name of Hebrew origin (and the feminine form of Samuel) that means “name of God.” Although still pretty popular, this moniker only came in at number 105 in 2021.

9. Ava

The roots are unclear, but “birdlike,” “lively” and “soft voice” are among the several meanings of this beautiful Latin girl name that has stayed on the top 10 for the last 15 years.

10. Ashley

A popular pick dating back to 1985, Ashley is a gender-neutral name of Old English origin with a meaning well-suited to nature lovers: “ash tree meadow.”

Most Popular Boy Names From 2005

1. Jacob

In 1995, Jacob was the fourth most popular name; just ten years later it rose up the ranks, leaving (many) other biblical favorites in the dust, which makes quite a bit of sense, considering that this moniker of Hebrew origin has a dual meaning of “to follow, be behind” and “to supplant, overreach.”

2. Michael

Chances are you knew at least three Michaels in your class and they all had a different nickname (Mickey, Mike and Michael). An oldie (as in Old Testament-y) but goodie, Michael is a biblical name whose meaning poses the lofty question of “Who is like God?”

3. Joshua

Yet another name with religious ties—Joshua was Moses’s assistant and successor in the Bible—this moniker has friendly, understated vibes and a meaning of “God is my salvation.”

4. Matthew

Matthew has Hebrew roots, a meaning of “gift from God” and obvious religious significance, relating to a certain New Testament Apostle.

5. Ethan

This masculine name of Hebrew origin means “strong,” “firm” and “enduring.” It also has too-school-for-school vibes and some serious starpower behind it. (Think: actor Ethan Hawke and director Ethan Coen.)

6. Andrew

Andrew has both Greek and biblical origins, as a variant of Andreas and the name of Jesus’s first Apostle, respectively. Its meaning is “strong” and “manly.” (Are you sensing a biblical theme here?)

7. Daniel

Here, a sweet and melodic, masculine name of Hebrew origin with a righteous, religious meaning of “God is my judge.”

8. Anthony

This boy’s name of Latin origin comes from an Ancient Roman family name that means “priceless one.”

9. Joseph

This name of Hebrew origin, meaning “He will add,” was a pretty big deal in the '90s (and during biblical times, too).

10. Christopher

Christopher is the anglicized spelling of a popular European name with Greek roots and a religious meaning of “bearing Christ.”

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