17 Mom-Inspired Baby Names We’re Totally Bringing Back

Looking for a baby name that’s warm and cozy but also means business? Look no further than these sweet mom monikers, guaranteed to remind you of your favorite maternal figure or relative (you know, the one who made the best chocolate-chip cookies and could always make you laugh).


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1. Nancy

Back in vogue thanks to a little show called Stranger Things.

2. Pamela

Of course, you could always call her Pammy for short.

3. Elizabeth

Pretty much the most iconic mom and grandma and great-grandma of this century. (Yes, we’re talking to you, Queen Eliz.)

4. Janet

Don’t be surprised if she’s born an amazing singer and dancer.

5. Cherie

At least one person in your friend group has an aunt with this name (and she’s lovely).

6. Patricia

Comes with two equally desirable nicknames: Patty and Trish.

7. Esther

A little bit biblical, a lot adorable.

8. Dorothy

She’ll probably love cheesecake.

9. Linda

The meaning of this name is “beautiful,” because…duh.

10. Maura

This one has such a nice vintage ring to it, doesn’t it?

11. Kathleen

Turner or Kennedy. Take your pick.

12. Judy

Three clicks of her heels and she’s running a Fortune 500.

13. Claire

Type A and packs the best lunches.

14. Anne

She’s the patron saint of pregnancy and mothers, so this one is a given.

15. Carol

One flat-out ran the Brady bunch, and another took charge of Brenda and Brandon when they relocated from Minnesota to Beverly Hills, so yeah, this is a name for multitaskers.

16. Evelyn

This one’s on the upswing for 2020—and a relic we want to keep in the mix for sure.

17. Lorelai

Keeper of all the maternal wisdom and witticisms. Also likely to deliver said info at warp speed.

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