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Looking for a baby name that’s warm and cozy but also means business? Look no further than these sweet mom monikers, guaranteed to remind you of your favorite relative (you know, the one who made the best chocolate-chip cookies and could always make you laugh). 

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Mom names Smiling Baby Girl
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1. Nancy

Back in vogue thanks to a little show called Stranger Things.

Mom names Cute redhead kid
Pyrosky/Getty Images

2. Pamela

Call her Pammy for short.

Mom names Cute kid playing hide and seek on couch

3. Karen

The Danish equivalent of Katherine. So hygge.

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Mom names Cute girl walking through meadow

4. Janet

Don’t be surprised if she’s an amazing singer and dancer.

Mom names Cute girl walking through meadow
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5. Cherie

At least one person in your friend group has an aunt with this name (and she’s lovely).

Mom names Baby girl in bed

6. Patricia

Patty or Trish for short.

Mom names Baby girl in bed with pink onesie

7. Esther

A little bit biblical, a lot adorable.

Mom names crawling baby girl
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8. Dorothy

Will probably love cheesecake.

Mom names little girl playing in park
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9. Linda

Means “beautiful,” because, duh.

Mom names Cute toddler girl laughing
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10. Maura

Has such a nice, vintage ring to it, doesn’t it?

Mom names Baby girl crawling on floor
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11. Kathleen

Turner or Kennedy. Take your pick. 

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