This Subscription Box Is Like a Mini Science Fair Right In Your Home (Exploding Volcanoes not Included)

mel science kit

With schools continuing to close around the country in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus, more parents are finding themselves having to teach or entertain their brood at home. All of this has led us to make two astute observations: namely that teachers deserve to make a million dollars and we need some help ASAP. 

We can't do anything about the first one, but when it comes to keeping the kids entertained (without resorting to the TV remote), MEL Science kits are here to the rescue. This nifty subscription box will send up to three chemistry experiments a month to your door, including a free VR headset to turn your living room into a virtual and interactive classroom. 

Designed for kids ages 10 and up, previous experiments have included growing copper coral on an iron clip, creating a galaxy in a bottle and using electricity to grow metal trees right before your eyes. Once the kit arrives, your kid starts by going beyond theory and into practical science by conducting their very own (and very cool) experiment. They can then use the mobile app and website to dive deeper in the days that follow.

These fun projects are totally safe, come with easy-to-follow instructions and will teach your budding Einstein how the world works. (And parents might just learn a little something, too.) 

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