4 Super-Stylish Maternity Fashion Subscription Boxes

Maternity wear has come a long way since the days of shapeless muumuus and smock tops. Now you can have your pick of on-trend outfits for your changing body—all delivered straight to your door, too. Extra bonus? Many services allow you to rent pieces, which usually works out much cheaper than buying clothes you’ll probably wear only a couple of times (looking at you, third trimester winter jacket). Here, four stylish fashion subscriptions offering everyday staples and special occasion wear for moms-to-be.

The 50 Best Subscription Boxes

la belle bump maternity subscription fashion box outfit
La Belle Bump

La Belle Bump

This ultra-chic rental subscription service will send you three or five items per box and lets you keep each piece for as long as you want. Even better? There’s no need to wash the clothes before you return them, since they get professionally cleaned before each rental. And there’s also an option to rent a special occasion outfit for just seven days. (Brother-in-law’s wedding next weekend? Check.)

La Belle Bump (starting at $69 per box)

le tote maternity fashion subsciption box
Le Tote

Le Tote

Fill out a questionnaire about your style, size and brand preferences (and even your zip code so that your outfits can match the weather), and a team of stylists will recommend three to five pieces in each box, which you can approve before it’s shipped to you. Once delivered, wear the items as much as you like before returning them and receiving a new box with more gorgeous clothing.

Le Tote (starting at $59 per month)

borrow for your bump maternity fashion subsciption box outfit1
Borrow For Your Bump

Borrow For Your Bump

The problem: Your normal everyday wardrobe no longer fits, but you still need to, well, go about your everyday life. The fix: This service will send you four capsule-wardrobe pieces to wear for 30 days, after which you can rent them again (because you loved them so much), exchange them for other pieces (because your bump is growing like whoa) or buy them (because you seriously loved them so much).

Borrow for Your Bump ($99 per month)

stitch fix maternity fashion subsciption box outfit
Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix

Already a fan of the OG of fashion subscription boxes? Great—just update your profile to include your due date and a “maternity stylist” will tailor your shipments to your trimester. Each box comes with five pieces and you can keep what you like (your credit card will get debited the price of the item) or send back what you don’t. Then, after your baby comes, you just change your settings and continue subscribing.

Stitch Fix (starting at $20 per month) 

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