This Kids’ Subscription Service Sends You the Best Toys for Every Baby Stage

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It’s a common quandary for new moms: How do you actually play with a newborn—especially one who is only just barely able to roll over and can’t talk? The folks behind one of the most sensory stimulating (and colorful) play gyms of all time have got you covered with a new play kit service that supplies toys that target every stage of your baby’s developing brain.

Here’s how it works: For $36 a month you’ll receive a pre-selected box of unique toys delivered straight to your doorstep and based on your baby’s age and stage of development. Think: A magic tissue box for a five-month-old or a felt ball set and treasure basket for a nine-month-old.

Each toy targets a range of goals that are critical to your baby’s growth in the first 12 months from improving dexterity and coordination to problem solving and more. Also included: A guide that tells you exactly how to use each toy when you play with your baby to maximize development, all backed by research.

Don’t get us wrong: We love playing round after round of peek-a-boo as much as the next mom, but anything that saves us time and takes the guesswork out of how to entertain our baby as they giggle and coo sounds good to us.

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