This Toddler Table Had a 2,000-Person Waitlist, But Now It’s Back in Stock (And in a New Color!)

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Value: 17/20
Functionality: 18/20
Quality: 19/20
Aesthetics: 19/20
Washability: 18/20

TOTAL: 91/100

It’s not that you mind washable paint getting all over your kitchen table—and, oops, chairs—but setting up a dedicated spot that’s just for your toddler or preschooler to create is not just Montessori-approved, it helps us feel more organized as parents. (Um, the forever goal.)

Still, it’s tough to find a table that’s not just durable, it’s chic—and sturdy enough to handle all that your kid throws at it. (Anyone else’s toddler love tipping the chairs over just to see how they fall? Just mine? Great.)

Enter the Play Table and Play Chairs from Lalo, which up until recently have had a 2,000-person waitlist and sold out four times since their launch last year. Given that fanfare, I was curious what all the hubbub was about. I’ve tried other toddler tables and, based on that experience, felt they were pretty predictable in terms of what you can expect. That is, until I tried Lalo. Here’s what makes this table-and-chair set really shine.

lalo toddler table

1. The color palette. Yes, I’m a sucker for good branding, but I love that the chair hues you get to choose from include grapefruit and blueberry and licorice. (Psst…they launched sage green today.) But as good as the names are, the color options IRL—which you can mix and match—are as vivid and luxe as their names describe. The table itself comes in a singular color (coconut, i.e. white) but washable paints and markers won’t ruin the surface. With a wet paper towel—and OK, some Method all-purpose cleaner, depending on the creative efforts of your child—it cleans up fast and well. (Would I love it if the table to come in more color options? Of course.)

2. The setup. You know how it goes—you set your toddler down for a nap and try to get a zillion things done. That was me when I tore open the Lalo box one Sunday afternoon while my 3-year-old napped. I expected at least an hour of labor, but much to my delight and surprise, it took around 15 minutes to snap everything together. The tools you need come included, but most of the pieces pop together easily and seamlessly. The directions are also crystal clear, so at the finish, you feel accomplished and proud vs. frustrated and annoyed.

3. The sturdiness. The bucket-style chair is everything I wanted and more in a toddler chair. The grippy caps on the bottom of every leg mean that my toddler’s seat stays in place no matter how much they’re wiggling around. The chairs also somehow seem more comfortable for kids. Whenever my son sits down and busts out his markers at this particular, he seems more content to remain in place for longer, whether he’s on the edge of his seat or scooched right up to the table with his butt touching the back.

Bottom line: The reason this table continues to sell out is that it’s functional and classic. But it’s the durability and sturdiness that puts it over the edge for me.

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