My Daughter Wore Kroger Comforts Diapers for a Week and Had Zero Poop-splosions

Last week, I strapped my daughter into her very first Comforts diaper from Kroger. Not two minutes later and she had filled to the brim. I’ll spare you the gory in-between details and skip to the results: Everything was fine. It held it all in. Not one particle escaped this perfectly-timed diaper. I know, not the horror show you were probably expecting. But when it comes to diapers, it’s not excitement you want: It’s good old-fashioned—maybe boring, but completely relieving—reliability.

More on that in a minute, but first, a little backstory: Kroger recently relaunched their baby care brand, Comforts, complete with new diapers that span sizes newborn to seven. After having spent the last four years of my life in Denver, Colorado, and regularly shopping at King Soopers (a grocery store local to the area that’s part of the family of Kroger stores), I was especially excited to try out the diapers on my 6-month-old assistant. She was compensated in dissolving crackers.

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The Test

To gauge performance, my daughter wore them day and night for a week. She recently stopped needing nighttime feeds and changes, so it was important that the diapers held up during long stretches of sleep. She’s also at the stage when sitting still is a no-go, making her regular routine a pretty good test case all around, especially for absorbency and fit. There were car seat and stroller rides as well.

The Facts

The new Comforts diapers have a fresh look that’s made to hug your kiddo comfortably and effectively, no matter how much they like to twist and turn. They’re dermatologically tested to make sure the material is extra gentle on that soft baby skin, and they feature a FlowChannel system for max absorbency. There’s a wetness indicator to help you know when your baby needs a change, and the diapers boast 12-hour protection. Packs start at under $5.

The Conclusion

I’ll be honest: I was skeptical, because they hadn’t previously been on my radar and I’ve used my fair share of disappointing diapers. But I stood corrected when they worked like a dream. The first thing I noticed when I opened up the pack was that they’re not thick and fluffy, but that ended up being an advantage. They held in everything without becoming heavy and bulky like so many popular diapers do. Which—as any parent knows—is a pain, because when they’re too heavy right before a change, they pull at the adhesive strips, exacerbating the potential for leakage. But not with Comforts.

Each morning when I changed her diaper for the first time that day, I also noticed her pajamas were completely dry and no liquid had escaped. During daytime number twos, it was the same story. And during stints in the car seat, nothing came up the back or out the sides. Perhaps we got lucky, but I think it was all because of the diapers.

Now, my daughter is petite, but she’s also chunky in that roly-poly kind of way; a miniature Michelin man. She has thighs for days and cheeks for weeks. It’s the absolute best. But it’s also why fit and gentleness are so important—two areas in which Comforts diapers excelled. There was no rash-ing, no gapping, no too-tight leg area. I wasn’t worried while she wore them because after the first couple of days and a trip in the car, I knew they would do their job without causing irritation.

I love that you can just pick them up at your local Kroger brand grocery store (of which there are many), making them so convenient. Frankly, Comforts says it best themselves: They’re here for the ups, downs and in-betweens. And I couldn’t agree more.

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