Imagination Playground Blocks Are the Open-Ended Toy Kids Can’t Get Enough Of

You know the drill—you buy your kid a brand new toy, eagerly anticipating all the fun they’ll have with it (and the downtime that it’ll give you), only to find that your child plays with it for 15 minutes before getting bored. In fact, they probably had more fun opening up the box than they did actually playing with the toy itself—despite all the bells and whistles that the plaything came with. Sigh.

Enter: Open-ended toys. These types of playthings have been shown to provide children with ample entertainment, while also promoting pretend play, social interaction, cooperation and creativity. With open-ended toys, kids get to explore ideas and concepts, take risks (there’s no “right” or “wrong” way to play!) and boost their social skills.

That’s why we love Imagination Playground Blocks, an innovative and open-ended play system that transforms any space into, well, whatever you child can dream up. We’ve seen these foam blocks used to create a spaceship, castle, race car, maze and more. There are no rules to play which means that anything can happen, but one thing we can guarantee is that learning, movement and fun are all on the menu.

imagination playground 2
Imagination Playground

But don’t just take it from us. Research has shown that these blue foam blocks encourage problem-solving skills, foster social development and even contribute to higher language scores and language development.

You might’ve come across these iconic Blue Blocks at your local school, library or children’s museum. And while you may want to purchase one of these mega sets for your own home (hello, most popular house on the block), you can also invest in a smaller size for home use too. The brand-new Brick Blue Blocks are perfect for at-home building of castles, forts, towers and whatever else your kid’s imagination can conjure up. The set includes 45 Brick Blocks, measuring 10″x 5″x 3″ each. So whether you’re looking for a bonding activity for siblings or you have a birthday party coming up, these bricks are sure to fit the bill.

Even better: Imagination Playground’s new Brick Blocks are made out of easy-to-clean foam that is weather-proof, meaning they can be played with indoors or outdoors. Handcrafted in Rhode Island, these blocks also come with a five-year warranty.

imagination playground 1
Imagination Play

If space is an issue, the brand also offers small block sets for tabletop creativity wherever and whenever you need (these guys are so small, you can easily fit them into a bag to take with you on-the-go). For dino lovers, there’s the Box of Bones featuring black foam bones that can be used to build dinosaurs, insects, aliens and more. Spring for the biggest set of bones, and your paleontologist-in-training could create a dino that’s over 5 feet high!

Even cooler? PureWow readers can score 20 percent off these imaginative playthings using the discount code PUREWOW at checkout for the Block Shop.

Let the fun begin.

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