Should You Negotiate Diaper Duty Before the Baby Comes? Yes...and No

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In an ideal world, diaper duties and bath time would be perfectly split between you and your husband. But honestly? No two days are ever going to be the same, and you guys will figure it out as you go.

Instead, take the time now (i.e., before you're both so sleep-deprived, you can barely function) to go over any deal-breakers.

For example, is your husband super excited to use that fancy bottle sterilizer but less enthused about all the extra laundry? Great! He's on cleaning duty while you'll tackle those dirty onesies. Or maybe you’re feeling super overwhelmed by the prospect of writing a will and need him to take the lead.

Being honest about these sticking points now will help avoid hurt feelings and confusion later. (And sorry, changing diapers doesn’t qualify.)

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