Why Two Moms Love H&M for Their Kids’ Halloween Costumes

For kids, Halloween is a hall pass to live out their favorite fantasies and eat copious amounts of candy for a day. For parents, it’s a little more complicated. Between financing and approving the perfect costumes, all while keeping up with everyday life (which can be way more logistically challenging than it seems), the holiday can end up feeling like a chore. But moms Kelle Hampton and Taryn Newton have beat the system by making H&M the go-to shop for their families’ Halloween costumes. Here’s exactly why they head straight to H&M as soon as October rolls around.

kelle 1 hm halloween kids costumes
Kelle Hampton

1. It’s A One-stop Shop For Diy Costumes

For kids (and parents) who like taking things into their own hands, Halloween is the perfect holiday for getting creative. Kelle Hampton, mom of three, puts it perfectly: “There’s a great sense of creative satisfaction that comes from putting something together yourself—not to mention a little bonding parenting moment creating something together.” And her go-to spot for whipping up Halloween costumes? None other than H&M. Here’s why: “The selection! Between their regular clothing items and accessories and their Halloween shop, there’s so much to choose from to create any character or look you desire,” says Kelle. And the best part is that H&M has everything you need so that you can knock out costumes in one errand (or online order).

We know what you’re thinking: What about getting a little extra mileage out of those perfectly good clothes? Kelle addresses that too, adding, “They’re fun pieces to keep in the dress-up box for plenty more wears after Halloween, and many of them can be paired with regular closet items for fashionable ensembles.” 

kelle 2 hm halloween kids costumes
Kelle Hampton

2. They’re Focused On Convenience

Let’s say you’re not in the market for a DIY this year (Halloween always creeps up fast, doesn’t it?). H&M is still Kelle’s winning spot for the times she simply needs to go easy. As she puts it, “H&M is a convenient time-saver. Moms have a lot on their plate. Sometimes we go in with big creative dreams for putting together a magnificent DIY project with our kids, but sometimes those dreams land at last-minute shopping for pre-made things...and that’s OK!” In other words, there’s no shame in snagging an off-the-rack look. (Plus, how cute are these witch, vampire and ballerina costumes on her kids Lainey, Dash and Nella?) 

taryn 1 hm halloween kids costumes
Taryn Newton

3. It Keeps The Holiday Budget-friendly…

As a mom to three boys, Taryn Newton of Glamorous Versatility gets a lot out of shopping at H&M for Halloween. “I love it because H&M has options for the entire family that keep in line with our budget,” she says. “They have many styles to give my boys a variety—all of which are well priced.” From graphic tees to printed sets, Taryn can afford for her sons Cameron, Calvin and Cyrus to all rock their favorites, even after throwing in a little something for herself (oh, hey, velour cat suit). What’s more, all the pieces here are great for trick-or-treating but also for mixing and matching with regular clothes for festive dressing outside of October 31.

taryn 2 hm halloween kids costumes
Taryn Newton

4. ...and Keeps The Whole Family Happy

“It’s so fun to put costumes together as a family activity,” says Taryn. But when it comes to making the picks, she has a smart Halloween trick that leaves everyone satisfied: “I choose a few styles I love and then show the boys to let them get the final say. You want your kids to love it, but narrowing down the selection first makes costumes both kid and mom approved.” Because H&M has such a wide selection of both Halloween DIY separates and full costumes, it becomes a fun yet easy activity to knock out in one fell swoop. And if you’re lucky enough to get the whole family into matching costumes like Taryn here? Well, consider that your Halloween treat.

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