4 Ideas for Living a Healthy Lifestyle with Your Pet

They sleep with you, they follow you around so much that you end up tripping over them and they’re always there to give you kisses and snuggles. Yep, our pets are family. (If we’re being honest, sometimes they’re better than actual family.) And they deserve the best. Here are four ways you and your fur baby can be healthier—and happier—together.  

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Test-drive Some Doggy Yoga Together

Our pups are already naturals at yoga—every morning we watch them go through a series of stretches before they start the day. A little downward dog followed by cobra…and they’re ready for their morning walk. This time, grab a mat and get down on the floor with them to stretch it out together. You can take hold of their little paws and help them get deeper into their instinctual poses, or let them be the teacher as you follow along with their flow. Either way, it’s a fun way to start the day off on the right paw (get it?).

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Consider Going Organic (yes, For Your Pet Too)

You’ve probably heard a lot about GMOs, hormones and artificial preservatives. And if you’re doing your best to avoid them, don’t forget to help your other family members while you’re at it: your pets. Feeding them organic food gives you the reassurance that you are providing high-quality, safe ingredients—without any of those aforementioned additives. As America’s number one organic pet food brand, Castor & Pollux® ORGANIX® uses the same kind of organic ingredients you eat yourself. It’s cooked in a certified organic USA kitchen, and the top ingredient is—you guessed it—organic, free-range chicken or turkey. Plus, they make sure all of their recipes are made with a nutrient-packed superfood blend, and dry recipes have benefits like omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. 

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Adopt A New Approach To Shopping

You’ve got your usual routine down pat. But this week, try mixing it up by seeking out localvendors and looking for new healthy options. You might be surprised by all the interesting and delicious things you find. Our recommendation? Don’t go in with a definitive grocery list—find inspiration for your upcoming meals through whatever fresh produce and goodies appeal to you in the moment. The best part is that many farmers markets are dog-friendly, so you may be able to bring your best bud along and peruse the market together. Like the experience? Think about making it the new regular.

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Try Long, Leisurely Walks

We’re all busy, but instead of treating walks like quick bathroom breaks, see if you can carve out some time for a lengthy stroll. Wander around together without a time limit and let them sniff to their heart’s content while you breathe in some much-needed outdoor air. Trust us, the way you and your pet will feel (and the way he’ll look up at you in gratitude) is priceless.

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