The One Item That Belongs in Every Easter Basket (Hint: It’s Not Candy)

wilder wings hatchimals colleggtibles

When it comes to Easter baskets, chocolate eggs and pastel-colored candies are so been there, done that. Don’t get us wrong, we (and we’re guessing your children) will never turn down the chance to rip open a basket full of sweets but in an effort to amp things up this year, we’ve got an even better idea of what your kid will love cracking open this year: Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Wilder Wings. Ahead, everything you need to know about this must-have Easter win. 

What is a Hatchimals CollEGGtibles anyway?

Glad you asked. Hatchimals CollEGGtibles are small eggs that you “hatch” by gently cracking open their shell. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Inside hatchi-fans will discover a cute little character to add to their growing Hatchimals collection. This addictive shell-hatching experience makes it the ideal toy for Easter. Now you know part of why we love them so much.

Sounds great! Tell me more about Wilder Wings.

It’s a brand-new Hatchimals CollEGGtion that takes these collEGGtibles to new heights. Each character (there are 50 in total!) comes with their own style of large wings, which you will find attached to the outside of the egg. Your kids will go nuts for the nine fun wing finishes from fuzzy to gummy and 11 different wing styles like angel, bat or cloud. Plus, the wings can be mixed and matched on your Wilder Wings Hatchimals to create new combinations. Your kids might even be lucky enough to score the super chase (meaning 1 in 100 eggs) Rainbow Wildest Pandoor that has an exclusive pair of giant silky rainbow wings. Hot tip: Buy a Wilder Wings 12-Pack Egg Carton to get two exclusive Lamoor characters with glittery ombré wings or even an Easter-themed Spring Basket for an easy mom win.

Why are these a mega win for Easter and beyond?

Because of their egg shape, they are an eggcellent (sorry, we had to) addition to your Easter egg hunt. Hide some Wilder Wings CollEGGtibles as “high value” eggs for the kids to hunt for. You can also make these cute Easter gift bags for friends or family by adding a few CollEGGtibles to a plastic sandwich bag and using craft paper to transform the bag into a bunny. 

You might be wondering what happens after all the eggs have been cracked. Hint: It won’t leave your kid on a sugar high like the other eggs in their basket. Kids are natural-born storytellers and Hatchimals CollEGGtibles help them spread their storytelling wings. With characters like Angel Unikeet (part unicorn, part parakeet) and Rock Monkiwiw (part Monkey, part Kiwi Bird), there is a whole Hatchtastic World to discover.

Bottom line: Hatchimals Colleggtibles are the gift that keeps on giving. Bury them in a Kinetic Sand sensory bin for your kids to dig and discover, freeze them in an ice cube tray or create a custom DIY picture frame for your Hatch Friend Forever (aka HFF). Trust us, your kids will be playing with these long after Easter.

Oh, and in addition to the 12-pack, Wilder Wings Hatchimals CollEGGtibles also come in a 1-pack and multi-pack



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