Viral TikTok Video Shows How Moms Do the ‘Get Ready with Me’ Trend


You’ve probably come across the ‘get ready with me’ trend on social media, where creators post clips of themselves getting ready for an event or a night out.

The #GRWM currently has over 83 billion views (yes, billion) and is a great place to get hair, makeup and styling tips. (So that's how you contour...!)

But if you’re a mom, then you already know that getting ready typically means putting your hair in a messy bun and trying to find something to wear that isn’t streaked with yogurt or giving off a 'this T-shirt sat in the laundry machine for two days' smell. And you’re definitely not heading somewhere glamorous (does Starbucks count?).

TikTok account @moms knows this all too well and recently posted their own take on the #GRWM trend.

In the video, a mom is seen “getting ready” for various day-to-day family activities, including: “get ready with me to make dinner that nobody’s going to eat” and “get ready with me to fold 756 loads of laundry” and “get ready with me to bring a sweatshirt to school even though I told my kid to wear one because she was going to be cold but then she didn’t listen to me and now I have to bring one to school anyway.”

And yeah, moms can relate. “Gosh I love this, makes me feel not so alone,” reads one comment. “This IS my life,” reads another.

One particular scenario seems to be striking a chord with followers: “get ready with me to find out where all the missing socks went.”

Multiple followers seem to have the same issue, asking “Where are the socks??”

The video was posted earlier this week and has already amassed over 1,000 comments and more than 25,000 likes. All those annoying daily tasks that parents have to do are clearly striking a chord. (But seriously—where do all the socks go?)

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