Attention Dog Lovers! This Breed Just Replaced Labrador Retriever as the Most Popular Pup in America

Watch out, there is a new “big” dog in town. 

The American Kennel Club announced on Wednesday, March 15, that the Labrador Retriever (often called “Labs”) has been dethroned as the most popular breed in America (for the first time in 31 years!) and has been replaced by the French Bulldog (aka “Frenchies”).

Gina DiNardo, who is the AKC’s executive secretary, shared in an official press release: “The French bulldog has seen a surge in popularity over the years, and for good reason. Frenchies are playful, adaptable, loyal and outgoing.”

Per the AKC, the Labrador Retriever currently occupies the number two spot on this year’s popular dog breeds list. Going down the list, the Golden Retriever (hey, just like the movie Airbud) is number three, followed by the German Shepherd Dog at number four.

Labrador retriever.
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Back in 2012, the Frenchies ranked number 14 on the same list. Every year, the small pup has climbed the rankings until it finally claimed the top spot. As stated by the AKC, it’s speculated that the French Bulldogs have become so popular because of their quiet and gentle demeanor. Oh, and their small size is ideal for apartments and yard-less homes.

A Smiling French Bulldog CAT
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Who runs the dog world? Frenchies. 

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