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5 Free Things to Do for Yourself This Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day: Bring on the macaroni necklaces, prix fixe brunches and coupons for “bear hugs.” But in addition to all this traditional celebrating, we consider it a day to treat ourself to some much-needed mama self-care. Here, five free things you can—nay, should—do for yourself this year.

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Sleep in, where your kids won’t find you
It’s not that we don’t love you, honey, but if you need us, we’ll be camped out in the guest room, where we can sleep sprawled across the entire mattress until a blissful 9 a.m., when the children finally figure out where we are.

Send everybody else out to breakfast
If you’re sensing a theme, it’s demanding some precious alone time. This year, instead of waiting in line for $17 eggs at [insert hot, new brunch place], send the fam out to play while you curl up at home, with nothing but a cup of coffee and the style section. Hear that? It’s the sound of your sanity returning.

Sign yourself up for a class at the gym
A common motherhood complaint? Feeling out of touch with your physical self, or like it doesn’t even belong to you. (It’s called being “touched out,” in case you were wondering.) Reclaim that soft, achy shell you once called a body by signing yourself up for a Pilates or yoga class at the gym. Totally fine if you spend the full 45 minutes lying on the mat, thinking about doughnuts. 

Play master remote controller
Every other day of the year, you cater to your children’s whims. (Courdory at the Beach three times in a row? You got it! Two hours of the Moana soundtrack in the car? Sure!) For today, make a rule that you are the arbiter of taste—whether that means listening to Beyoncé all the way to the grocery store, reading Madeline even though your four-year-old has deemed it “boring,” or—gasp—turning off the TV and having a conversation instead.

Have a gratitude session
If your kids are anything like ours, they love you (because duh) but don’t always know how to articulate their appreciation. Sit everybody down for a game of “I’m thankful for” and ask them to spell out what they love about their family. Is it shameless soliciting of maternal praise? Maybe. Will it make you feel like a million bucks? For sure.

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