10 Fluffy Cat Breeds, Because Cuddling with One Can Literally Reduce Stress

Sometimes, the best cure for a long day is a cat nap—or rather, a fluffy cat napping on your lap. Petting a cat has been proven to reduce cortisol levels, which decreases stress and increases the feline-human bond. While we love a sassy Sphynx, the hairless variety isn’t for everyone. Fluffy cat breeds tend to be incredibly sweet and doting animals, which makes total sense considering their poof-ball-esque appearances. Some, like the Maine Coone, are giant balls of fur. Others, like the American Curl, are more diminutive cuddly creatures. No matter their size - or their coat color—every fluffy cat breed on our list will benefit from a good brushing every now and again.

15 American Cat Breeds That Are Red, White & Cute

fluffy cat breeds american bobtail
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1. American Bobtail

Height: 9-10 inches

Weight: 7-16 pounds

Personality: Affectionate, friendly

Coat: Short or long

Color: Variety of colors and patterns

Life Expectancy: 11-15+ years

This American cat breed has a bobbed tail (duh) and is known for being a terrific breed for anxious people. Their coats can be short or long and come in patterns that often make them look like big, wild cats. Smart and affectionate, American Bobtails really bond with their people. If you’re looking for a cat who takes well to walks outside, try this breed on for size.

fluffy cat breeds american curl
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2. American Curl

Height: 9-12 inches

Weight: 5-10 pounds

Personality: Smart, sweet

Coat: Short or long, silky

Color: Variety of colors and patterns

Life Expectancy: 10-20 years

With naturally occurring curled ears, American Curl cats have a unique look. The Cat Fanciers Association says these “people-oriented” cats enjoy following their people wherever they go. Known to adapt well to new situations, American Curls are great with kids and other pets, too.

fluffy cat breeds birman
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3. Birman

Height: 8-10 inches

Weight: 12 pounds

Personality: Quiet, loyal

Coat: Long, single layer

Color: Pointed, cream

Life Expectancy: 9-15 years

Say hello to one of the laziest cat breeds around: The Birman. These fluff balls are most often found in a pointed pattern, with cream-colored coats, and darker brown or fawn noses and ears. Birman fluff tends to be soft and silky with a slight mane around their necks. While quiet, Birmans are known to cling and even enjoy being carried around. Don’t mind if we do!

fluffy cat breeds british shorthair
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4. British Shorthair

Height: 12-14 inches

Weight: 8-16 pounds

Personality: Calm, independent

Coat: Short, dense

Color: Variety (Known for silvery gray)

Life Expectancy: 12-20 years

While the British Shorthair’s coat is relatively short (duh), it’s quite dense and fluffy. Commonly found in a silvery gray or blue color, they can come in a variety of patterns. These sweeties have even-keel dispositions and tend to avoid leaping onto tall perches like some cats.

fluffy cat breeds maine coon

5. Maine Coon

Height: 10-16 inches

Weight: 12-15 pounds (females), 18-25 pounds (males)

Personality: Sweet, smart

Coat: Long, silky

Color: Various

Life Expectancy: 12-20 years

Another American cat breed! Maine Coons are known for their impressive size. Their long, silky coats tend to make them look even larger than they are. Fluffy coats protected these cats from hard New England winters. Today, they make excellent family pets and only require minimal grooming (their long coats don’t mat easily).

fluffy cat breeds norwegian forest
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6. Norwegian Forest

Height: 9-12 inches

Weight: 8-12 pounds (females), 12-18 pounds (males)

Personality: Independent, loving

Coat: Long, double coat, coarse

Color: Various (known for white and tabby mix)

Life Expectancy: 13-20 years

Similar to the Maine Coon, the Norwegian Forest Cat’s coat evolved to protect it from chilly nights and snowy weather. Unlike Maine Coons, these cats have coarse, waterproof double coats that require weekly brushing to avoid snarls. Norwegian Forest Cats tend to be more independent, too. While they embrace lap naps every once in a while, don’t be offended if they pick the cushion next to you. They love you, they just need their space.

fluffy cat breeds persian
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7. Persian

Height: 10-15 inches

Weight: 7-12 pounds

Personality: Quiet, sweet

Coat: Long, soft

Color: Variety of colors and patterns

Life Expectancy: 8-11 years

Persians are perhaps the most recognizable and popular fluffy cat breed. Their large eyes, stout bodies, and incredibly doting dispositions are purrrfect for cuddling. While they’re chilling with you on a daily basis, you’re gonna want to run a brush or metal comb through their fur. Ignoring a Persian’s fluffy coat could result in tangles and mats!

fluffy cat breeds ragdoll
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8. Ragdoll

Height: 9-11 inches

Weight: 10-15 pounds (females), 15-20 pounds (males)

Personality: Sweet, patient

Coat: Long, soft

Color: White bodies, pointed markings

Life Expectancy: 13-18 years

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again—Ragdolls earned their names because they actually enjoy being picked up and carried around like a doll (duh!!!). Many have fluffy manes of fur around their necks and like Ragdolls require frequent brushing to keep their coats healthy. Ragdolls have also been known to be into playing games like fetch, so get ready to entertain!

fluffy cat breeds scottish fold
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9. Scottish Fold

Height: 8-10 inches

Weight: 6-13 pounds

Personality: Adaptable, loving

Coat: Long and short varieties

Color: Variety of colors and patterns

Life Expectancy: 14-16 years

Like American Curls, Scottish Folds have unique ears. However, theirs curl forward and down. With their plush, fluffy fur, Scottish Folds almost look like large barn owls! They have even tempers and can easily fit into a variety of environments and families. As rare as they are loveable, consider yourself lucky if you get to meet one.

fluffy cat breeds siberian
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10. Siberian

Height: 9-11 inches

Weight: 8-17 pounds

Personality: Affectionate, playful

Coat: Long, thick

Color: Variety of colors and patterns

Life Expectancy: 11-18 years

Siberians have thick coats—like, three layers thick. Brush at least three times a week to keep it smooth and tangle-free! Then, sit back and relax as your affectionate Siberian cat showers you with love and casually tries to play with you. They are fairly easy-going pets.

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