3 Surefire Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship in February

Serious question: Why can’t Valentine’s Day be in July? On February 14, we’re windblown, covered in patchy winter skin and still carrying five extra pounds of Christmas cookie weight. But even if you’re not exactly ready to Samantha Jones it with some strategically placed sushi, there are still a few delightfully low-key ways to show your one and only how damn important they are to you this month.

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Go Shopping In Your Underwear Drawer

Remember that cute lingerie set you bought for Valentine’s Day six years ago, back when you and your love had just started dating? It’s still crumpled in a ball in the back of your underwear drawer, exactly where it’s been for the last five years and 364 days. Pop it in the washing machine and give it a new life. One hundred percent guarantee your partner will think it’s brand new (and if you’re a Marie Kondo type and you tossed that teddy because it wasn’t sparking joy, a strategically tied silk robe will work just as well).

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Do A Movie Swap

Your husband’s favorite movie is The Shawshank Redemption, and although you’ve promised you’ll finally get around to watching it one day, the latest episode of You and the Fyre Festival documentary are burning a hole in your Netflix queue. Although it’s tempting to put off his pick for another few months (or years), make a date to watch it in February. When Morgan Freeman comes on screen and his face lights up, it’ll all be worth it—plus, the chances are high that he’ll be more than game to watch your fave, Brooklyn, next weekend.

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Write Something Down On Actual Paper

Think about it: When was the last time you actually hand wrote something that wasn’t a grocery list? Your wedding thank-you notes, right? (Us, too.) In February, it’s easy to fall back on making a drugstore run for candy, pre-made cards and flowers, but taking a few extra minutes to write something special down for your one and only is immeasurably more meaningful. Illustrate a list of inside jokes the two of you have, or narrate your favorite memory like you’re writing a short story. (Um, maybe still get some chocolate, though. What are we, monsters?)

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