Your Dog’s Monthly Horoscopes: January 2022

Even for the chirpiest of pups out there, the last couple of years have been ruff—hello, our pets soak up all of our human emotions like a sponge! Wondering what’s in store for 2022? We looked to the stars for some helpful forecasting as we dart toward the new year like a dog chasing a squirrel. So look up your pup’s birthday, and read their very own January horoscope to prepare for all that’s ahead. Bow wow wow.

12 aries

Your pup’s ruling planet, Mars, finds itself in adventurous Sagittarius through January 24. So don’t be surprised when Arlo drags you to the beach or up the hill for a long and wild hike, as the taste for adventure is front and center. And though he may also be craving some solitude, especially around the 11th, keep in mind they’re giving out hefty $150 tickets for anyone going off-leash. So if he wants some alone time, hook his paws up with a peanut butter-filled Kong or better yet, a brain-scratching dog puzzle.

1 taurus

For your earth-sign pup, January is all about pushing her to chase those big dreams. So don’t be shocked when, instead of lounging in her favorite dog bed, Violet finally has the gumption to run after that big fat squirrel always tormenting her in your yard. And things might just come to head on the 8th when Venus meets the sun, leading to a breakthrough. Maybe a canine and a rodent can be friends?

2 gemini

Dumpling has had his eyes on that jar of peanut butter treats for a long, long time. And with the new moon in practical, driven Capricorn and Mercury—his ruling planet—entering Aquarius, both on the 2nd, he not only has the drive, but the creative resolve to complete his mission. This is all to say, maybe move the treat jar a little higher up.

3 cancer

You might notice your little crab canine is preferring the couch to your long jogs at the start of the month. But don’t worry, her energy will slowly build, peaking at the full moon in Cancer on the 17th, likely coinciding with your return home from work (or just grabbing the mail), resulting in one of the most joyful welcomes you’ve ever received—have your camera ready.

4 leo

With Venus retrograde in your pup’s daily grind sector since mid-December, you may have noticed some extra stubborn leash pulling on your regular walks. Don’t worry, this is just Rhonda’s way of trying to find a new routine that works for her. After all, you may have loved the consistency of your morning stroll, but she’s been craving something fresh—or maybe she just wants to avoid that nasty tabby around the corner. Bottom line: The new moon in Capricorn on the 2nd will give her the determination to take the reins. Follow her lead.

5 virgo

Your Virgo pup’s 2022 starts off with ample distractions. The new treat dispenser toy and puzzle you left in his stocking is keeping him busy and happy (the way he likes it)! You even seem even more in-tune with your furry family member, as Jupiter is lighting up your pup’s partnership sector until May. Enjoy the extra cuddles but do your best to avoid triggering traumatic past experiences (a la that incident with pigeons). Venus retrograde, lasting through the 29th, has the tendency to bring up some unresolved hurt feelings.

6 libra

Your dog’s ruling planet, Venus, is retrograde through the 29th, dredging up all kinds of ghosts from his past—think: that tormenting mouse wreaking havoc in your walls. So if you notice your usually sunny Lab’s a little on edge, it’s because he’s dealing with an existential enemy. January’s not all bad, though. With the full moon in Cancer on the 17th, he gets some public affection that’s been due, possibly in the form of a viral TikTok or even booking that gig as the “happy sidekick” in a pharmaceutical ad. (Hey, whatever pays the dog walker.)

7 scorpio

Your Scorpio Schnauzer has always had an air of mystery to her. But with her ruling planet, Mars, settling in Sagittarius on the 24th, suddenly she seems a little more cuddly—even giddy—around you. Heck, she’s even showing you her secret vault of lost toys (so that’s where her favorite squeaky toy went). Enjoy this silly and playful side, because once Mars moves into pragmatic Capricorn on the 24th, she’s back to her serious ways.

8 sagittarius

If you notice your archer collecting all the pillows and doing that thing with the blanket to get as cozy as possible, it’s likely because his ruling planet, Jupiter, is back in its home sign of Pisces. This means a focus on improving—and expanding—his living space. In other words, you might need to set some boundaries when you notice that your Sag Saint Bernard has somehow annexed the entire bed, forcing you to sleep on the couch.


Venus retrograde in your dog’s sign has her hyper-focusing on all things self-care. If you’ve let her coat grow a bit gnarly or her nails too long, get thee to a groomery, stat, because she is definitely craving a luxurious shampoo and cut. But it doesn’t end there. With the colder months coming in, your goat sign pup could really use a new sweater or some boots to round out how she feels about her appearance.

10 aquarius

Mercury enters your water-carrier dog’s sign on the 2nd, making your already convivial Aussie even chattier than usual. Don’t ignore him. He’s trying to communicate something to you that you might not be able to understand right away. Instead of shushing him, write down your observations. Does he consistently bark at one tree? Is it always the same time of day? There’s something you need to know (like that there’s a gopher eating through your internet cable).

11 pisces

With Jupiter back in her sign, your fishy little Pisces is feeling refreshingly optimistic in the new year. There’s a spring to her step, and she’s even engaging more at the dog park. In fact, with the new moon in Capricorn on the 2nd, your usually introverted pup is making the rounds, smelling all the dog butts she can get her snout on. Take advantage of her canine networking kick, as it could lead to some very real human connections as well. Perhaps the woman you always see with the French bulldog is hiring for your dream job.



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