My Toddler Just Had Covid. Should I Vax Him Now or Wait Until His Immunity Wanes?

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The absolutely great (and about-damn-time) news: Covid vaccines are officially available for children under six! But for all the parents who are out celebrating in the streets, there are those with questions, hesitations or concerns. Bottom line: Doctors and public health professionals agree that these vaccines are safe, effective and essential for stopping the spread of COVID-19 and giving kids back their lives.

But what about timing? Namely, if your child has recently had Covid, should you vaccinate them now, or wait until their natural immunity has waned?

You can wait a little, but don’t wait too long, says Dr. Christina Johns, pediatrician and Senior Medical Advisor, PM Pediatric Care.

"A child who had COVID-19 infection can get the vaccine after their symptoms have resolved and they have completed the required isolation period,” she tells us. “But there is likely a period of immunity after recovery during which it is unlikely that [they] would get a repeat infection.” Still, “that amount of time is variable and individual for each person. So, it’s probably safe to wait a few weeks to a month before getting the vaccine, but there’s no need to do so, and it is not wise to wait more than 90 days.”

In other words, wait until your child has completed her isolation period and recovered from symptoms, but after that, there’s no huge benefit to holding out. “Protect your children sooner rather than later,” says Dr. Johns.

And be sure to have a just-vaxxed lollipop on hand.

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