Your Cat's Monthly Horoscopes: January 2022

Welcome to 2022! Time for a fresh start with the new moon in Capricorn on January 2nd. You’re presented with an opportunity to be honest about your cat’s goals and the ways in which you can help her achieve them. Venus will be in retrograde for the rest of the month, and the planet of love (or to felines, the planet of casual affection) won’t station direct again until January 29th. During this time, your cat will be reflecting on her relationship to you. Specifically, she’ll be putting her paws down when it comes to getting exactly what she wants‚—and needs. What else is new?

Mercury enters Aquarius on the 2nd and stations retrograde on the 14th. If your cat is fussy, this is because Aquarius is a water sign and she’s having trouble expressing herself in such an undesirable atmosphere. Be prepared for even more insistent meowing. She’s annoyed that you can’t read her mind, you silly human.

During the full moon in Cancer on the 17th, take advantage of her moment of weakness. Expect cuddles. This is your cat giving into the fact that, indeed, she does love you. Then, as Uranus—planet of unexpected events—stations direct on the 18th and the sun moves into Aquarius on the 19th, your cat’s idiosyncrasies will pour out in full force, just to remind you she’s her own person and your boss.

By the time Mars moves into Capricorn on the 24th, you should have set some intentions for 2022 with your cat. She’s expecting a lot from you this year—and you don’t want to disappoint.

(Pay special attention to the Guardian Horoscope, as it will guide you as you care for your cat(s).)

12 aries

Ruling planet Mars is in adventurous Sagittarius through the 24th, and your cat will stubbornly seek tall, secluded perches from which she can observe the world below. That, or an uninterrupted nap in the sunshine. Give her space (and maybe this Happy and Polly Moonlight Cat Climbing Frame). Aries cats are very into solitude this month (and maybe all of 2022), so they’re not going to be too happy if your place is full of company 24/7, especially around the 11th. When Mars enters Capricorn on the 24th, you could experience the most demanding side of your kitty cat yet (which is really saying something).

Guardian Horoscope: Your cat could start wondering if you’ve forgotten felines enjoy playtime just as much as canines do. Don’t ignore her penchant for laser pointers and games of prey vs. predator. Yes, you’re busy. Yes, your cat wants alone time. But Aries cats are spontaneous. Indulge their whims and invest in a little one-on-one time.

1 taurus

January is the month of the New Year’s resolutions. Your cat could believe herself to be ready to venture outdoors, into the neighbor’s apartment or maybe a new hiding spot. If you can’t find her, check somewhere you’d least expect, especially on or around the 8th. Taurus’ ruling planet Venus is retrograde through the 29th in her travel sector. It’s wise to expose your cat to some place new around January 17th, whether it’s a walk in a cat backpack or a fort you’ve built just for her with couch cushions. Otherwise, she might meow at the front door for eternity.

Guardian Horoscope: If it feels like you and your cat are both going through emotional (and perhaps physical) transformations, you’re spot on. Mars is in Sagittarius until January 24th and this time should be spent embracing each other’s changes, rather than fighting against them. Of course, if your cat experiences a sudden change in weight or becomes lethargic, please go see a vet.

2 gemini

Gemini cats are all about becoming the best versions of themselves. This means embracing their inner big cat. Venus is in retrograde through December 29th, which could mean your cat will be stressed out by anything domesticated (though of course, you can’t really domesticate a cat). Think outside the cardboard box in the new year. Try interactive treat toys that ignite your cat’s hunt and kill instincts or introduce more wet food into her kibble-based diet. Check in with your kitty around the 14th to see if her inner lioness is being catered to.

Guardian Horoscope: Single cat owners may want to consider adopting a second kitty. Not only to give your cat a playmate, but to further acknowledge that yes, your home is a cat home. Taking a plunge like this can be scary, but there are many benefits to raising two cats instead of just one. Don’t ignore it if an adopt-a-thon or rescue group pops into your feed—especially on the 3rd when Jupiter aligns with the fate of Taurus.

3 cancer

Allow your cat to nap extra hard at the top of the year. She’s been grinding away all of December to keep up with the holiday bustle. She’ll be back to full cat-pacity by the full moon on January 17th. You may not even recognize your cat! Expect either boundless energy or a sneaky attitude. If your cat has been known to deliver—ahem—“gifts” to you in the past, watch for an offering like a mouse she’s caught. With the waning moon, you may notice your cat deep in thought staring out the window, wondering what adventure she’ll get up to next.

Guardian Horoscope: It’s time to either let go of any resentment you have toward your cat (we know cleaning litter boxes isn’t fun, but it’s part of the deal) or change habits to meet her where she is (pooping outside the litter box happens for a reason, what can you do to help her?).

4 leo

Cats thrive on routine. Leo kitties somehow got lost in the holiday shuffle more so than other cats in 2021, so they’re ready for ample predictability in their 2022 schedules. Since December 19th, when Venus began it’s time in retrograde, you may have noticed a particularly finicky, disgruntled cat. With the new moon in Capricorn on January 2nd, your cat is eager to take charge. Expect her to rise with the sun every day and demand dinner at the exact same time every night. If you can hop along for the ride, by the time the sun moves into Aquarius on the 21st, you’ll both be in a groovy rhythm.

Guardian Horoscope: Mercury goes retrograde in Leo’s partnership sector on the 14th. Basically, this means time to listen to your cat and determine if her needs are being met. Compromising with cats is, to put it mildly, impossible. But! Patience and compassion are key to a mutually beneficial living situation.

5 virgo

Expect lots of antics from kitties this January. Virgo cats will find new and exciting ways of keeping busy, like climbing onto precariously packed shelving units or digging through your hamper to find their favorite mouse toy. As Mercury goes retrograde on the 14th, your cat could become less spastic and more focused. Whether that focus is on your toilet paper roll or an interactive toy is entirely up to you. Your cat will be most open to suggestions around the full moon in Cancer on the 17th.

Guardian Horoscope: Your cat’s concentration is centered on her relationships—to you, her environment, other pets. She may need some nudging to play nice until Venus emerges from retrograde after the 29th. Don’t be mad; she feels burned from some past encounter and needs a little encouragement.

6 libra

Venus, Libra’s ruling planet, stations retrograde through the 29th, reminding your cat of past trauma (eek). By the time January 2nd’s new moon (doesn’t) appear, she’ll be done with holiday activity and probably give you some major cat-titude. When Venus meets the sun on the 8th, she’ll warm up to you again. By the full moon in Cancer on the 17th, she’ll be eager to play, cuddle or simply sit facing away from you (an actual sign of trust from cats).

Guardian Horoscope: Though you might be feeling more communicative and willing to play with your cat through the 24th, give her the space she needs to recoup. Mercury goes retrograde on the 14th; this is when you might notice her really getting into new methods of play. Go with the flow!

7 scorpio

A cat rolling over to expose her belly is a huge sign of trust and love. This is her most vulnerable spot, and she’s openly showing it to you! Watch for moments like this from your kitty cat through the 24th when Scorpio’s ruling planet Mars is in Sagittarius inspiring her to be more enthusiastic about expressing herself. She may even start vocalizing more often! Encourage this and let her have fun before the full moon in Cancer on the 17th brings her back down to reality.

Guardian Horoscope: Your cat is sick of butting heads when it comes to who owns what in your house (her). On or around the 8th, as Venus meets the sun, try to let go of any approach to territory that leaves your cat feeling like she can’t be where she needs to be.

8 sagittarius

Time for a little catification. With Sag’s ruling planet Jupiter in its other home sign of Pisces, your cat is obsessed with her environment. Take advantage of post-holiday sales on or around the 3rd to make spaces in your home more cat friendly. Do you need a new cat tower? What about more scratching posts? Take a piece out of Jackson Galaxy’s book (not literally, Total Cat Mojo is incredibly informative, don’t shred it up) and catify your home with items that make your feline feel like she really belongs. Cat rooms will be trending in 2022, so get after it!

Guardian Horoscope: Both Venus and Mercury are retrograde this month, so your instinct might be to fall back on the usual set-up: single litter box, worn cat condo, tired toys. Don’t do this! Pay attention around the 14th and 23rd; your cat will find ways to let you know she needs more.


With a new moon in your cat’s sign right away on the 2nd, get ready for a bit of a wild ride. Since Venus will still be in retrograde, your kitty cat may find herself torn when it comes to daily decisions. Lap nap or floor nap? Scratch pad or armchair? Is she tired or ready for zoomies? Should she eat the food she’s always eaten or wait for a brand-new food she knows she wants but can’t describe? Keep calm and just make sure she’s getting the proper nutrition until the 29th when Venus stations direct.

Guardian Horoscope: You and your cat have been through a lot together—the good, the bad, the vet. Take some time during the full moon in Cancer on the 17th to just hang out with each other. Cuddle up in bed and eat some treats. Scratch her head and whisper into her ear how much you love her.

10 aquarius

Get ready for a suddenly shy, yet chatty cat. She’ll retreat into her favorite hidey holes and dark corners for solo naps with the new moon in Capricorn on the 2nd. Then, she’ll alert you with chirps and trills once she’s recharged, awake and ready to play. After Mercury goes retrograde on the 14th, you may uncover some secrets your cat had stashed away during her retreats. Hairballs, your missing sock, your ID, some cat barf, etc.

Guardian Horoscope: We recommend making a full-blown litter box deep clean part of your chores on or around the full moon in Cancer on the 17th. Your cat will be expecting it. After all, she’s deep into self-care these days, focusing on herself and how to feel her best. Maybe help out with a salmon oil coat supplement.

11 pisces

Despite being water signs, Pisces kitties will be especially optimistic at the start of 2022. Their ruling planet is in Jupiter, and all they need is a support system (you) to help them really feel good about themselves. Your kitty is probably feeling confident and finally regaining her bearings after a wild year of ups and downs.

Guardian Horoscope: Pisces cats are in the right headspace for new friendships and deeper connections. Invite some of their favorite people over (friends only) while Venus is in retrograde until the 29th. This might also be a good time to consider introducing a second kitty to the mix, if your cat is currently flying solo. The full moon in Cancer on the 17th is a good time.

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