Calling All Parents: This Virtual Summer Camp Is Packed with Arts and Crafts Activities for Kids

How-to videos to wile away those long summer days

Little Bites

Is it even summertime if you don't hear a chorus of "Mom, I'm bored...!" going off every 20 minutes? Even if you've got a dizzying lineup of camps, playdates, sports and other activities ready, summer days are long and there never seems to be enough to do to occupy restless kids.

Enter: Camp Little Bites, a virtual summer camp series with an array of entertaining and educational activities for children of all ages. Back for its second year, Camp Little Bites features a collection of how-to videos hosted by Erica Domesek, the founder of the founder of P.S.-I Made This... and crafter extraordinaire.

While some of the crafts feature the brand's own muffins and packaging (think: Muffin Box Bird Feeder and 3D Muffin Shapes), other activities use materials you likely already have at home, like the Tin Foil Boat Challenge and Splatter Paint Socks.

Of course, there are some tasty treats for kids to make as well (oh hi, Campmate S’mores Brownies).

The digital series' goal is to bring that mix of play and creativity you'd get from an IRL camp into families' homes. "This campaign holds an extra special place in my heart, as summer camp was such a huge part of my childhood where I created life-long memories,” says Domesek. "I would spend so much time at the Arts + Crafts area where I got to try my hand at new things like stained glass, woodworking and batik, while also doing my favorite things like tie-dye, splatter painting and jewelry making. To this day, I would say my biggest takeaway would be that summer camp taught me to overcome things and even situations I may have been afraid to try."

So whether your summer plans involve dropping your kids off at camp or not, why not get some of your kid's friends together and let them try their hand at one of the Camp Little Bites activities? It's a fun way to keep boredom at bay—without putting the pressure on you to play camp counselor (or figure out how to fill the next hour of the day).

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