Parents of Science Lovers: The Walmart App Will Save You This Summer

Major props to parents. We know this summer is anything but easy, and finding activities to keep your kids entertained is no small task. But, not to worry, because Walmart has your back.

The company recently launched Camp by Walmart, a free interactive summer camp designed for the Internet and filled with activities, games and challenges for kids. The platform can be accessed via the Walmart app under the Services tab, and has dozens of fun (and educational) projects run by celebrity “camp counselors” including Neil Patrick Harris, Drew Barrymore and LeBron James, to name a few.

Know a little Einstein who’d love a gooey slime experiment? Here are a handful of science activities to keep the kids occupied all summer long (with tons more fun available through the Walmart app).

camp walmart glow in dark slime

1. Neon Glow-in-the-dark Glittery Green Slime

What’s ooey and gooey and glows in the dark (and occupies your kiddos for hours on end)? Neon slime, of course. Your mini scientist will have fun mixing the glue with glow-in-the-dark powder, and you’ll be thankful for the super-easy cleanup. Ready...set...glow!

Download the Walmart App

camp walmart drink contraption

2. Drink Pour Contraption

There are zero limits to your kids’ imaginations. Which makes building a contraption that pours their morning orange juice so much more fun. Sure, your child might not know who Rube Goldberg is, but now’s the perfect time to teach them, yeah?.

Download the Walmart App

camp walmart rocket

3. Puffy Glow-in-the-dark Alien Rocketship

While we aren’t able to leave the house for “infinity, and beyond!” just yet, we can always pretend. Host a craft day with kids so they can design their very own rocket ships using old cardboard tubes and rolls you were going to recycle anyway. Add a pipe cleaner alien to the front et voila—an afternoon that’s out of this world.

Download the Walmart App


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