LeBron James Is Bringing Kids Virtual Music and Painting Classes This Summer, and It’s Totally Free

lebron james camp by walmart hero

What do basketball legend LeBron James and your kid have in common? They’re both about to take part in Camp by Walmart—the virtual camp that is anything but cancelled.

Walmart recently launched Camp by Walmart, the free interactive summer camp designed for the internet and filled with activities, games and challenges for kids and parents. The platform can be accessed via the Walmart app under the Services tab, and has dozens of fun (and educational) projects run by celebrity “camp counselors,” including one of the best basketball players of all time (yep, we said it), LeBron James.

The NBA superstar takes part in a few different crafts and activities, ranging from a “Keeping the Beat” music class to a series of strength games with coach Adrian Daly.

But our favorite activity might have to be creating a magic multi-layer painting with LeBron and his I Promise School’s art teacher, where the basketball star answers a couple personal questions (like what was his favorite subject in school) during the craft’s instructional video.

Want to know the answer to his superpower of choice? Guess you’ll have to download the app (and click on the ‘Happy Clouds’ button) to find out...

Download the Walmart App


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