This Massive ‘Jenga’ Set Is $170 Off—Hurry!

big jenga set sale

Leave the regular-size Jenga game for the rookies. The big kids are playing with a 4-foot-tall version, otherwise known as the Hey! Play! Classic Giant Wooden Blocks Tower Stacking Game. And while the monster tower usually sells for $270, it is currently on sale for $100—that means a cool $170 off. 

Hefty price for a game? Here's what it includes: 54 handcrafted pinewood blocks and a nylon bag to store the playing pieces for easy transportation to your sister's house for a backyard brawl. Don't worry, pinewood is notoriously lightweight so you won't have to dive out of the way when things inevitably come crashing down.

And while you're playing, why not make an afternoon or evening out of it with a socially-distanced gaming circuit? In one corner of the yard you can have your new block tower, in the others an outdoor bowling set, croquet (because we're fancy) and ladder ball. (If those aren't enough ideas for you, we have a whole list of backyard activities for adults.) Serve up some White Claw slushies, and, boom, best afternoon ever.

As for the kids, they can join in...or you can set them up on a screen with some Netflix because you deserve some fun, too. 

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