7 Breeds That Make The Best Running Dogs

Whether you’re into meditative running, plogging or fantasizing about a marathon, wouldn’t it be so much more fun to do it with woman’s best friend by your side? Well, it turns out certain breeds were built for speed and endurance (pugs need not apply, sorry dudes). Meet your new K-9 cardio companion with the seven best running dogs.

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weimaraner puppy running in the forest
druvo/Getty Images

1. Weimaraners

Described by the American Kennel Club as “friendly, fearless, and obedient,” there’s no better companion for breaking a sweat. They also feel happiest at the side of their pack leader (yes, that would be you)—ensuring they’ll keep pace.

jack russell terrier playing fetch with a tennis ball
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2. Jack Russell Terriers

Who knew Eddie from Frasier could go the distance? Per the AKC, this active, energetic breed is “swift enough to run with horses”—or, you know, a 30-something determined to get her 20-something butt back. They are also natural hunters, so chasing (imaginary) prey through the park will be second nature.

golden retriever laying in bed
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3. Labrador Or Golden Retrievers

America’s most popular pup is a natural workout buddy, given their up-for-anything, playful personalities. “The Lab is an enthusiastic athlete that requires lots of exercise, like swimming and marathon games of fetch, to keep physically and mentally fit,” notes the AKC. They can speed up or slow down as needed, then cuddle on the couch post-cooldown.

two beagles running in the backyard
Roman_Gorielov/Getty Images

4. Beagles

If brisk, short sprints interspersed with speed walking is your jam, then you’ve met your match. These little guys are active, fast and require frequent workouts. It doesn’t hurt that they’re cute as could possibly be.

alaskan malamute sitting on a green lawn
Anna Shirokova/Getty Images

5. Malamutes

Similar to huskies but, well, huskier, these majestic beasts were bred to pull snow sleds. If you live in a cold climate near hiking trails or wide-open spaces, there’s no better buddy for answering the call of the wild.

brinka the portuguese water dog
JackWylieShot/Getty Images

6. Portuguese Water Dogs

The Obama family’s dog breed (oh, Bo! We miss you!) loves to swim and run for miles through wetlands, sandy beaches or rainy weather (hence the name). If you’re training for a triathlon, he’ll want to come with. The more activity the better. Sound like someone you know?

two australian shepherd dogs running through the grass
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7. Australian Shepherds

These guys are incredibly intelligent, light on their feet and agile. Whether you’re hurdling over roots on the forest floor or dodging city traffic, with Aussies, it’s always go time. Plus, they’re an ideal family pet, as they were bred to herd anything small and fast-moving—including kids.