ISFJ? This Is the Best Dog for Your Personality

german shephard dog

Why, hello there, ISFJ.

Your Myers-Briggs personality type is a delicate balance of seemingly contradictory traits. You’re emotional yet analytical, introverted yet socially intelligent, and sure, you may be a bit judgmental, but you’re still open to change. You’re pretty damn fantastic. In fact, you’re an altruist—what you do for others you do for the sake of helping and not for anything in return. (OK, but you will accept baked goods once in a while.) So...what breed of dog best suits your unique personality?

A German shepherd, hands down. Just like you, they’re walking, brilliant contradictions. Fierce yet obedient, imposing yet cuddly, loyal yet aloof—German shepherds are a whole lot more than meets the eye. Above all else, they want to please you. They’re altruists on four legs. It’s why they are so adaptable to training—they want to do what you want them to do for no other reason than they know it makes you happy.

And though they can seem standoffish with strangers, they make wonderful family dogs. They would take a bullet for you and your family. And honestly, you would do the same. (Maybe you should flip a coin for it?)

Together, you and your German shepherd bestie would form a loyal bond like no other. ISFJs are easily moved to aid a worthy cause, and in this case, that would be your entrusted German shepherd. Even if you loathe exercise, you would do anything for your beloved pup—taking him on the walks he needs with ample play time in the park.

And because you’re out there to make the world a better place, we have a feeling you’d rescue a German shepherd instead of getting one from a breeder—it’s just who you are.

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