The 6 Best Dog Breeds for Introverts

If you're eager to adopt a pup but are put off by how relentlessly social dog ownership can be (puppy playgroups? Seriously?), you are barking up the right tree. Thankfully, there are plenty of dog breeds that love indoor life as much as you do—yes, even in studio apartments. Of course, the little dudes still need adequate outdoor time, but you get the idea. Here, the six best dog breeds for introverts (aka our favorite couch potatoes.)

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basset hound dog
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1. Bassett Hound

Family friendly, easygoing and laid back, they are the perfect dog for those who require plenty of downtime. Mature bassett hounds reportedly sleep up to 20 hours a day. Perfect for binge-watching some Netflix.

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2. English Bulldog

Sweet, sensitive, stubborn and stoic, this wrinkly ham (we mean, just look at him) is “more of a snorer than a barker,” writes one expert. Even at full size (50 lbs.), they are known to curl up in your lap.

shih tzu dog
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3. Shih Tzu

Meet the quintessential lap dog. Though slightly high maintenance (they require plenty of grooming), they’re affectionate and get along famously with kids. They get a bad rap for being “yappy,” but that’s generally a result of poor training. They were bred to spend their days inside royal palaces, so simply following you around from French press to fainting couch is enough to tucker them out for a long, lovely nap. Hair accessories recommended.

chow chow doh
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4. Chow Chow

This calm, protective, bear-like breed, writes one expert, “will spend more time on your couch than your unemployed roommate.” But unlike him, they housebreak easily and are as meticulous about self-grooming as cats.

pug dog
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5. Pug

Loving, endlessly entertaining with naturally comedic dispositions, they prefer to play indoors since they are sensitive to both heat and cold. Their favorite activities include napping and snacking—making them our literal spirit animal.

chinese crested dog
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6. Chinese Crested

If you want to get your Lisa Vanderpump on and dress up a delicate dog, this lively, attentive, ultra-affectionate breed is for you. Since they are partially hairless, they will require a wardrobe to ward off extreme temperatures.