Science Says *This* Is the Perfect Age to Have Kids

Deciding whether and when to have a kid can be the most agonizing leap of faith we ever make (if we’re lucky).

Wouldn’t it be helpful if some objective, external entity just came along and said, “Here. This is the exact age you should have a baby”—your imminent promotion, student debt albatross and iffy relationship situation be damned.

Well, according to The Wall Street Journal, there actually IS a perfect age to get procreating. And that age is…drumroll, please…32.

Writer Clare Ansbury cites 2016 fertility data from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, which states, “The fecundity of women decreases gradually but significantly beginning approximately at age 32 years and decreases more rapidly after age 37 years.”

As we have discussed in the past, there’s no need to panic about infertility at 33—or even 43. The research simply says your chances of getting pregnant are optimal up until 32.

Millennials, take note.

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