This Ziploc Bag Will Make Prepping Busy Back-to-School Lunches a Breeze

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It’s almost that time again. You know, time for carpools, colored pencils and new classes. Maybe you can’t wait to send the kids back to school or maybe you don’t feel ready to say goodbye to summer (most likely, a little bit of both!). Either way, our schedules are about to feel a little fuller come fall. No worries, you’re ready to handle everything from lunch prep to snack time with your secret weapon: Ziploc® Brand sandwich bags. Here’s why they’re our favorite back-to-school must-have that’ll make even your busiest weekdays feel like a breeze.

Feel good about freshness.

Thanks to Ziploc®’s Grip 'n Seal technology, a secure triple system seal that literally traps in freshness, you won’t have to worry about your family’s food getting stale before lunch. Basically, your sandwiches and snacks will taste just as good as when you packed them. (We can’t, however, guarantee your kids will actually eat those still-crispy carrot sticks you snuck in their lunch box.) 

Easy to pack on the go.  

Trust us: Ziploc® Brand’s light-as-air sandwich bags are the best you can get. Not only will they keep food fresh, but the Grip 'n Seal technology provides texture for a non-slip grip, even if you’re packing lunch in a morning mad dash with messy hands. Not to mention the tabs’ darker shade on a shorter lip make it super easy for kids to open on their own. Plus, the bags conform to food for extra-sturdy protection—aka no more smushed sandwiches. 

Whip up lunch in a flash.  

Between helping your kids with last-minute homework questions, making breakfast and getting yourself ready for the day, ensuring lunch can be put together quickly is a must. Thankfully, Ziploc® Brand’s sandwich bags have an extended tab and easy grip seal that make it easier to open and close multiple bags for the whole family. Plus, the longer tabs are good for big, small (and sticky) fingers alike. Now, go forth and pack lunch like a pro!

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