5 Secrets of Moms Who Make Getting Ready for Back-to-School Look Easy

It’s the first day of school and, naturally, you’re running late. You hustle the kids outside and sprint like a madwoman to catch the bus on time. Then you look across the street and there’s your neighbor June, looking perfectly put together as she gracefully waves her children goodbye, coffee mug in hand. How does she do it? We have some ideas…

mom waking up child
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They Make Changes Gradually

Children are creatures of habit, and summertime allows for a lot of leniency. Rather than waiting until the first day of school to attempt to get your kids back on track, start making smaller (i.e., less noticeable) changes during the last month of summer break. For example, begin enforcing an earlier bedtime so they’re not asking for ten more minutes of sleep in the morning. Once school is in session, switching back to their usual weekday wake time won’t be such a shock.

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They Know How To Shop Smart

The biggest stressor when it comes to back-to-school preparation? All the shopping. School supplies, clothes, backpacks, lunch containers… You name it, you’ll need it. With all the shopping you’re about to do, it’s in your best interest to use a credit card that will give you something in return. The BuyPower Card® lets you earn 5 percent in Earnings for the first $5,000 you spend on purchases every year and an unlimited 2 percent in Earnings on every purchase after that. And guess what? Earnings are redeemable toward the purchase or lease of a new Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac vehicle. The best part: There’s no limit on how much you can earn or redeem, and you get all the benefits of a World Elite Mastercard®.

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They Get The Kids Involved

Since we are talking about their day, why not get them involved in the planning? Sit down together and build a menu of lunches for the first full week of school. This will get them excited about trying new things and make them feel empowered to make more decisions on their own.

mom helping daughter with homework
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They Come Up With A Plan Of Attack

Before the first day back, have a talk with them about how to handle schoolwork. This will help establish a homework routine that benefits not only them but also you. Set an expectation for when their work should be started (hint: right after school is prime time), determine what kind of environment they perform best in and figure out what supplies they’ll need to get everything done successfully. If you work all this out ahead of time, there will be far fewer last-minute surprises.

mom taking kids to school
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They Don’t Do It Alone

Whether you enlist the help of your partner, older children or neighbors, it’s extremely helpful to have a support system. Think of it as creating a buddy system of sorts. Together you can plan out carpools, bus stop groups and after-school babysitters. The more people you have helping you, the less stressed you’ll feel about everything that’s on your shoulders.

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