9 Must-Have Baby Items for Small Spaces

Babies may be small, but they sure come with a lot of stuff. If you’re feeling cramped in your tiny home, here are some must-have space-saving items that will keep you from living in an episode of “Hoarders: Baby Edition.”

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high chair small space baby things

Attachable High Chair

Your daughter might be the queen of your house now, but that doesn’t mean she gets to have a literal throne (especially since it’s just going to be coated in dried applesauce and Cheerios anyway). This lightweight and easy-to-clean high chair attaches directly to your table and will keep your little one locked into her designated space.

Inglesina ($68)

storage ottoman small space baby things

Storage Ottoman

Remember when your living room was just a living room and not also the nursery, dining room, office and playroom? Hide some of your clutter in this genius storage unit that can act as a toy box during the day and a coffee table wine glass table at night. Bonus: It’s a soft, safe pull-up surface when your baby starts to walk.

MLJ Furniture ($317)

stroller storage hanger small space baby things

Stroller Storage Hanger

Although some of the bulkier strollers probably warrant their own parking space, try this handy storage hook before you invest. It allows you to hang your umbrella strollers on the back of your door so they’re out of sight—and out of mind.

Lehigh ($12)

mountain buggy nano small space baby things

Mountain Buggy Nano

Or you can buy this stroller that is so small, it fits in the overhead compartment of an airplane. Need we say more?

Mountain Buggy ($250)

chalkboard contact paper

Chalkboard Contact Paper

Mini easels are adorable, but not exactly worth tossing your favorite chair to make room for them. Luckily, you can turn any surface or wall into a chalkboard with this easily removable, washable contact paper.

Cusfull ($18)

baby sink

Puj Tub

And you thought sharing a bathroom with 15 girls in your dorm freshman year was bad. This compact, soft, baby bathtub lies flat for easy storage and fits perfectly in any sink. With such a tiny contraption, you’ll have more room for the 50 bottles of baby shampoo and lotions you’ll suddenly acquire.

Puj Tub ($45)

collapsable bug tunnel small space baby things

Collapsible Crawl Through Tunnel

Set up your own indoor Adventureland with this colorful tunnel. Super fun to dive through and play with, and even more fun to break down in under 30 seconds when you want your living room back.

Melissa & Doug ($21)

immi go car seat small space baby things

Immi Go Car Seat

For part-time car users, this super-compact, lightweight seat is a great fit after your tot is old enough to face forward. It’s safe when you’re in motion and lies completely flat when taken out.

Immi Go ($199)

storage convertible crib small space baby things

Storage Crib

TBH a crib without storage is simply a missed opportunity. This guy can be used to store anything from teeny-tiny onesies to extra diapers and converts from a newborn crib to a toddler-safe (rail included) first bed.

AFG Furniture ($205)

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