3 Pool Floats on Amazon That Are Functional and Cute

We love a good poolside lounge session, but chilling out while floating in the pool? That happens to be our all-time favorite hobby, thanks for asking. Whether you're looking to get some cute photos for the 'Gram or truly just want to sit back, drift and relax, these pool accessories won't let you down (literally!). Here are the three best floaties our editors love, starting at just $20.

best value pool float on amazon

Best Value: Bigmouth Inc Giant Purple Frosted Doughnut Float

The facts:

  • Made from UV fade-resistant vinyl
  • Comes with a patch kit for repairs
  • Holds up to 200 pounds

Sure, you could stock up the classic, round pool floats, but this dougnut-shaped version is way more fun and just about the same price as a boring simple float. Choose from chocolate sprinkled, strawberry or a mysterious purple flavor. We also suggest picking up half a dozen real donuts on your way to the pool (just think of the Instagram opportunities...).

editors pick pool foat from amazon

Editor's Pick: Joyin Giant Inflatable Luxurious Flamingo Pool Float

The facts:

  • Can accommodate up to two adults
  • Five separate inflatable chambers make it easier to climb aboard and less likely to pop
  • 90-day money-back guarantee

"The hotel we stayed at for my sister's bachelorette had this exact float in the pool and we had so much fun with it that I decided to ask the hotel managers where I could buy one. The two handles at the neck meant it was a lot easier to find your balance without flying off, especially if a friend was climbing on with you. We've since used this fun flamingo friend in my sister's backyard pool multiple times. We love breaking it out whenever friends come by for a swim, including my five-year-old niece's and seven-year-old nephew's buddies." - Abby Hepworth, associate editor

splurge worthy pool float from amazon

Splurge-worthy: Aqua Ultra Comfort Recliner Lounge

The facts:

  • A fabric top that won't overheat or stick to your skin
  • Features a side cup holder
  • Includes mooring loops to attach the float to a dock if necessary

If chic, unfussy relaxation is your goal, then let Aqua be your guide. As one reviewer puts it, "this is the Cadillac of pool floats." An angled back and gentle curve for your knees is ideal for hours of mid-pool reading, plus you won't have to keep straining your neck or faking a sit-up to keep an eye on the kids. While it's described as a one-person pool float, some reviewers say it easily supported both them and a friend. Now all you need is someone to toss you a can of rosé.



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