Soccer World Champion Allie Long Has a Podcast Called ‘Mom Goals,’ and It's Our New Must-Listen

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Fidelity/Paula Boudes for PureWow

We’d like to propose an edit to the familiar phrase: “It takes a village to raise a child.” It also takes self-care, stillness, grocery deliveries, wine down Wednesdays and funny, direct, relatable advice—most often in the form of our favorite podcasts. Add to the top of that list: World Cup champion Allie Long’s new pod, Mom Goals.

Launched as a sponsorship with Fidelity’s Women Talk Money, Long takes new moms on a journey through the obstacle course of parenthood, from navigating work-life balance and changes in your postpartum body to the “OMG-my-kid-just-spit-up-five-ounces-of-breastmilk” freakout moment.

And Long is the perfect host. As a first-time mom to 6-month-old twins, she’s living and experiencing it all with her audience. She’s asking all the right questions, like why do people still use the term “bounce back?” Or how do we keep in touch with friends after becoming a mom? Or how do I talk to my kids about money?

It’s also about gathering that aforementioned village in one place for a casual and candid chat to dissect new moms’ biggest questions. Long will be joined by Lorna Kapusta, head of Women and Investing at Fidelity, and a bevy of experts and guests throughout the season, including other famous athletes, mommy influencers and friends.

And just like how the Mom Goals pod is its own village, Women Talk Money is a community created by Fidelity for women, by women. It’s dedicated to closing the gender wealth gap and helping women navigate the financial realities they face. Think: live events, free workshops, exclusive content and candid conversations on planning for career breaks, living longer than men, invisible labor and more. It helps to have a village for family, finances and motherhood.

It also helps to tune out of the chaos and tune into the Mom Goals podcast. Let’s just hope our kid didn’t get a hold of our AirPods again…


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