Alexa’s Magic Door Will Transform Your Kid’s Bedtime

little girl listening to amazon alexa magic door

Snuggling up for a bedtime story is an evening ritual that you cherish. But truth be told, there are some nights when you could really use a break. (Oh goodie! The Magic School Bus for the 987th time!) The solution? Amazon Alexa’s The Magic Door skill.

It’s an interactive adventure game that comes complete with sound effects, characters and riddles. Kids (and adults) navigate forests, seas and other enchanted lands, making choices about where to go and what to do. Along the way, they’ll meet trolls, animals, fairies and other magical creatures.

And the best part? Each story is only about ten minutes long, so nobody loses focus and starts scaling the bookshelf singing Let It Go. (What? Just our children?)

To give it a go, simply enable the skill (either on your app or online) and say, “Alexa, open the Magic Door.” Personally, we’re fans of the holiday party in the princess’s castle story but there are enough storylines and twists to keep your kid entertained for weeks. (Top tip: The Dark Forest path can be a little spooky for younger sleepers.)

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