How to Find Your Rising Sign (and What It Says About You)?
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You’re pretty much an expert on your sign by now (heck, you even know what kind of dog you should get according to the zodiac). But do you have any clue what your “rising sign” is?

So What Exactly Is a Rising Sign?

Astrologically speaking, it’s whichever constellation popped up over the eastern horizon at the time and place of your birth. Also referred to as your your “ascendant,” it indicates the face you project to the world and the first impression you give others (your social mask as opposed to your true zodiac self). Basically, it’s what enables a hyper-serious Capricorn gal to let loose like a madwoman at happy hour or a flighty Gemini to work so hard on her pulled-together appearance. 

How to Find Your Rising Sign?

Curious about your own rising sign? Use a calculator (like this one) to plug in your birth date, time and location, and then consult the cheat sheet below to find out which of your own social behaviors it’s responsible for.   

Aquarius Rising

You say that every night was “the best night ever” and every wedding “was the most beautiful you’ve ever attended.” Your optimism is your most endearing quality, and even if it’s insincere at times, it’s how you want to be known. (The white tie wedding was tacky and you know it, but who needs the bad juju from saying so?)

Pisces Rising 

You always profess being up for anything (when in reality, you often feel strongly that you don’t actually want Mexican food that night). Adaptability and sensitivity toward others’ needs are important to you, sometimes to your own neglect..

Aries Rising 

You come on strong at first, oozing self-confidence and assurance, especially when meeting new people. Your dominating energy is your social armor, and you wear it well.

Taurus Rising 

Your front is grounded, levelheaded and rather pulled together. You always offer the voice of reason...but you don’t always practice what you preach. (Think: telling your friend she needs to take a stand with her S.O., then not doing the same thing yourself.)

Gemini Rising 

You come off as hilarious, optimistic and an all-around chatterbox. But while you’re often the one organizing the Saturday night plans, in reality, you’d probably prefer to stay on your couch like a silent recluse. You can’t help it: Social butterfly-ism is your natural instinct.

Cancer Rising 

You exude warmth, kindness and a gentle disposition to everyone you meet. While you can appear shy at times, you’ve literally never made a bad first impression. In truth, you probably have a fair share of darkness lurking beneath the surface, but you’ll be damned if you share it with others.

Leo Rising 

You’re an incredibly effective communicator: articulate, emotive and all-around dynamic. Your jokes steal the show and your storytelling skills are revered by many. You may not be a lioness in the typical sense, but socially, you’re the queen of the jungle.

Virgo Rising 

Your instinct is to sit back, observe and analyze in unfamiliar social situations. While it can come off as cold at first, anyone who takes the time to chat with you one-on-one will be lucky enough to learn how warm and wonderful you are beneath the facade.

Libra Rising 

You shine brightest in social gatherings and have a genuine gift for making others feel special, too. Inquisitive, inclusive and effusively positive, it’s like a damn light bulb goes on when you walk into a room. As for your dragon lady tendencies? You reserve those for a select few.

Scorpio Rising 

You generally retreat in new social encounters, opting to put up a cool girl, lady of mystery front, even if you do so subconsciously. “Don’t let ’em in until they’ve earned it” is your tried-and-true philosophy…and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 

Sagittarius Rising

 While you’re exceedingly kind, you tend to lay the humor and opinions on thick when making a first impression, and you’re often blunt to the point of scandal. Some people can be rubbed the wrong way by this, but you don’t want to hang out with those judgy, snoozy folks anyway.

Capricorn Rising

 You project utter organization and attention to detail, from your meticulously groomed public appearance, to your hyper-organized planning skills. The hilarious thing is, you’re happiest in your sweatpants with no set agenda to speak of.

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