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Chances are you’re already glued to your phone. (It’s OK, we’re guilty, too.) So why not use it for good? Namely, getting a toned bod.

That’s where these seven fitness apps, organized by workout personality, come in handy. They’re all free for iOS and Android, giving you another reason to move on from bad Instagrams.

workout apps running

If you're a runner

Download RunKeeper, a tracking app that maps your runs for you. It's pretty basic but definitely handy for monitoring your personal miles.

workout apps yoga

If you're a yogi

Download Daily Yoga, which offers 50 virtual classes (all 30 minutes or shorter) or, alternately, voice coaching.

workout apps lifting

If you strength train

Download StrongLifts 5x5, a 45-minute, thrice weekly program that guides you along five free-weight exercises.

workout apps nike

If you're a people person

Download Nike+ Training Club, a compilation of more than 100 workouts with an emphasis on the social experience of sharing your progress and motivating your pals.

workout apps solo

If you prefer to go solo

Download Sworkit Lite Personal Workout, a customizable circuit-training app that can be done anywhere (it uses only bodyweight) and lets you choose your intensity and workout length.

workout apps 7min

If you're in a rush

Download 7 Minute Workout, a 12-exercise regimen that you can do in--you guessed it--seven minutes.

workout apps zombie

If you don't exactly love working out

Download Zombies, Run!, which turns an otherwise mundane workout into a hilarious, apocalypse-avoiding game. Hey, whatever gets you moving.

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