Godparent Proposals Are the New Bridesmaid Proposals

As the saying goes: First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage. And since bridesmaid proposals have totally dominated our Instagram feed (“I can’t say ‘I do’ without you!”) for the last couple years, it only makes sense that godparent proposals are about to become the next big thing.  

Never heard of a godparent proposal? Well, like a bridesmaid proposal, it’s a little gift or note to a loved one asking them if they’ll be your kid’s godparent.

People are jumping on the godparent proposal bandwagon in all sorts of ways. You can send prospective godparents a card from your child saying, “My parents need all the help they can get. Will you be my godparents?” (a personal favorite) or customize a cheesy puzzle. Maybe cut straight to the point with a onesie, a seasonally appropriate ornament or godmother and godfather glassware (you know they’ll get lots of use out of the latter).  

Just don’t forget to mention the unlimited cuddles that come with the job—it’s a major perk.

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