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You Guys, the Disney Merger Could Make Anastasia an Official Disney Princess

You know how Disney bought 21st Century Fox for a casual $52.4 billion? Well, the merger could mean big things for the ’90s animated film Anastasia.

When Disney broke the news yesterday, fans were quick to point out the endless crossover possibilities (think X-Men meets The Avengers with a hint of Deadpool). But it didn’t take long for people to turn their attention to Anastasia and the fact that the acquisition could make the title character an official Disney princess. 

If you’re confused, then you’re not alone. The hit 1997 film is often mistaken as Disney property, but Anastasia was actually distributed by 21st Century Fox. Although the film was directed by former Disney animators Don Bluth (The Land Before Time) and Gary Goldman (Thumbelina), Anastasia didn’t qualify as one of the mouse’s beloved ladies...until now.

BRB, playing “Once Upon a December” on a loop.

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