After Trying Beddley’s Zip-Up Duvet Covers, We’re Convinced ‘Shark Tank’ Made a Huge Mistake

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TOTAL: 92/100

We’ve all seen the TikTok hacks for getting a cover on a duvet faster: the roll-up method, the throw-it-over-your-partner technique, the I’m-only-washing-my-duvet-twice-a-year strategy you’d only admit to your closest friends. They all have their pros and cons, but the fact remains—wrestling with your duvet cover is a task no one looks forward to.

That’s what piqued our interest in Beddley, a brand that makes duvet covers that unzip along three sides, so you can lift the top like a flap, stick in your duvet, and zip it shut. (If the name sounds familiar, you may recognize them from Shark Tank.)

The duvet covers sounded too good to be true, and we had some reservations: Would the zippers be an eyesore? Would the metal whack you in your sleep? Would the duvet get all bunched up halfway through the night?

But, after testing the Easy-Change Duvet Cover for a few weeks, we have just one question remaining: Why hasn’t anyone thought of this sooner? Here’s the good, the bad and the intriguing about Beddley.

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silver bed with white beddley duvet cover

The Pros:

1. It Takes Seconds to Change Your Duvet

It’s really as simple as tossing the duvet cover across your bed, unzipping it on three sides, sliding your duvet in and zipping it back up. There are ties in each inner corner to keep the duvet from bunching up, but even when we tried it without using the ties, the duvet stayed in place despite a night of tossing and turning.

And when tested against conventional button-close duvet covers, it took half as much time (and fussing) to make the bed.

2. The Zippers Are Discreet

We worried we’d get scratched by metal in the middle of the night, but that hasn’t been the case. The zippers are inset at the corners, so when you make the bed, they don’t show, and they glide smoothly open and shut without snagging.

If you have a very fluffy duvet, you’ll want to take care to tuck it in so it doesn’t get caught in the zipper, but that’s easy enough to manage.

3. The Cover Is Ultra Soft

Beddley’s duvet covers use 100 percent long-staple cotton, which is known for its softness, particularly as a sateen weave. This gives it a silky feel and makes it fairly wrinkle-resistant—another win.

zippers on beddley duvet cover up close
Candace Davison

The Cons:

1. It’s Pricey

If you’re used to spending $50 t0 $70 on a HomeGoods duvet cover, you may face sticker shock at the thought of dropping $159 to $169 on a queen-size from Beddley. However, the price is in line with other luxe brands, like Brooklinen and Cozy Earth.

2. The Designs Are Limited

There are three collections offering a total of 13 solid color cover options—ranging from crisp white to navy to a terracotta-like baked clay—as well as two white covers with embroidered edges, for a more tailored look. If you prefer bold patterns or florals, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

The Bottom Line:

Beddley’s the secret to creating a five-star hotel experience at home…even if you have to make your own bed each morning. We loved the luxuriously soft feel of the cover and how easy it is to use so much that we didn’t mind the limited colorways. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a crisp white cover—unless you’re prone to snacking in bed, in which case, uh, navy all the way.

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