Sorry, Matcha: Instagram’s New Favorite Drink Is the Unicorn Latte

Once upon a time, no-nonsense New Yorkers wouldn’t be caught dead drinking anything fancier than a bodega coffee—we were more than happy to leave the froufrou wellness tonics to our West Coast pals. Fast-forward to 2017, and we’re unabashedly obsessed with green juice, bone broth and matcha. (Go figure.) Now NYC might be home to the most whimsical elixir of all: the Unicorn Latte.

The pastel-colored beverage can be found at The End, a Montauk-themed café/shop/juice bar in Williamsburg. (Seriously, could the place be more Brooklyn?) And based on its instantaneous popularity, people are more than happy to shell out $9 (yep) for a taste of the mystical. 

So what is it, anyway? Despite its name, there’s no espresso in it, and unlike unicorn cakes, it doesn’t actually resemble its namesake mythical creature. Instead, it’s an antioxidant-packed concoction of coconut milk, ginger, lemon, honey and blue-green algae (the source of its sapphire hue). It’s finished off with rainbow sprinkles or edible flowers, because it’s common knowledge that any Instagram bait is only as good as its toppings. (See also: Black Tap milkshakes.) 

If all that sounds just too ridiculous for you, the café offers regular coffee, too (courtesy of Montauk roaster Left Hand). Just don’t expect the Unicorn Latte’s prismatic swirls to disappear from your feed anytime soon.

Photos via @elenabesser, @gammacataclysms and @maryymood

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