The Quick Trick to See If Fruits and Vegetables Are Actually Organic

You’re trying to eat healthy, and it’s taking every ounce of your willpower to go to the grocery store instead of ordering pizza. You even stock up on the more expensive (but way better for you) organic fruits and vegetables. But how do you know there’s really a difference between the bananas in the $3.89 organic pile and the $1.99 conventional pile? Easy.

You know that little sticker on most fruits and vegetables that’s really annoying to peel off? It’s more than just a cashier's scanning label. It also contains a serial number that can tell you how the produce has been grown.

If the code starts with 9, it’s organic. (Yay.) If it starts with 3 or 4, it’s conventional. If it starts with 8, it’s GMO, aka genetically modified.

Now load your cart up with the good avocados. 

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