20 Dutch Oven Chicken Recipes That Pretty Much Make Themselves

Instant Pots are speedy, and slow cookers are convenient, but we’ll always have a soft spot for our trusty Dutch oven—and not just because it looks good sitting on our stove. It’s the workhorse investment piece that can sauté, deep-fry and braise like no one’s business, and since it can go from stove top to oven, it practically does the cooking for us. Here are 20 Dutch oven chicken recipes to prove our point.

50 One-Pot Chicken Recipes to Streamline Dinnertime

1. Autumn Braised Chicken Escabèche With Roasted Apples And Grapes

You crisp the chicken thighs before whipping up a sweet-and-sour sauce in the same pan, so it’s basically a one-and-done meal.

2. Wine-braised Chicken Thighs With Shallots And Mushrooms

Dutch ovens hold heat really well, so they’re ideal for cooking tougher cuts of meat until they’re fall-off-the-bone tender.

3. Spicy Lemon-ginger Chicken Soup

If you have a large Dutch oven, it can serve as a stockpot for this flavorful chicken soup. Homemade broth has never been easier.

4. Braised Lemon Chicken

It’s hearty and bright at the same time, thanks to the additions of lemon zest and plenty of white wine.

5. Whole Coconut Curry Chicken

One-pot roast chicken? Ina Garten would totally approve. (Oh, and if you don’t have freshly picked cilantro from your garden, store-bought is fine.)

6. Garlic And Ginger Braised Chicken

With just a few aromatic ingredients and some time, you’ll have a chicken dinner worthy of any weeknight—and you barely have to lift a finger.

dutch oven chicken recipes miso ginger chicken udon soup recipe
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7. Miso Ginger Chicken Udon Soup

We’re swearing off canned soup from here on out.

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8. One-pot Braised Chicken With Kale And White Beans

The crispy chicken might be the star, but the tender beans and kale are excellent supporting cast members.

9. Cheater’s White Wine Coq Au Vin

It’s hard to believe this stunner is ready in under an hour. (Don’t tell Julia Child we took some shortcuts.)

10. Chicken Tinga Tacos

You could make pulled chicken in a Crock-Pot, but it would take hours. These beauties, on the other hand, are ready in 20 minutes.

dutch oven chicken recipes chicekn and potato adobo with garlic rice recipe
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11. Chicken And Potato Adobo With Garlic Rice

The classic Filipino dish combines soy, vinegar and sugar in one pot, and the result is pure magic.

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12. One-pot Honey Orange Garlic Roasted Chicken

All you have to do is mix up the sauce and toss everything into the pot. File this one under “foolproof.”

13. Braised Moroccan Chicken

Don’t get rid of the braising liquid at the end—it will make a mean sauce for a side of couscous.

14. Baked Chicken Thighs With Asparagus

Something about the wine-based sauce and herby roasted vegetables makes this feel really fancy when it’s actually so simple.

15. Easy Weeknight Coconut Curry Braised Chicken Legs

You’re six ingredients away from a gourmet dinner. Hungry yet?

dutch oven chicken recipes middle eastern spiced chicken with baked rice and pistachios recipe
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16. Middle Eastern Spiced Chicken With Baked Rice And Pistachios

Everything comes together in the same pot, so you can spend more time eating and less time cleaning.

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17. Chicken Tortilla Soup

The hardest thing you’ll have to do is choose your toppings.

18. Oven-baked Hatch Chile Salsa Verde Honey Chicken Thighs

We’re suckers for anything sweet and spicy—this one requires just 15 minutes of prep, so we’re sold.

19. Spanish Chicken And Rice

You could hop a flight to Spain, or you could make this one-pot meal instead.

20. Baked Chicken And Mushroom Risotto

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