A few weeks ago we told you about millennial pink, a soft, salmon-y pink color that’s trending big time. And for the most part, we’re on board. Sneakers? Yes, please. Nail polish? Sign us up.

But the latest product to jump on the bandwagon has us a little confused: pink pineapples.

You heard correctly: Companies like Dole and Del Monte are now selling pink versions of one of our favorite summer fruit. They look cool, but are they safe to eat?

Apparently. Pink pineapples have been in development for a whopping 12 years. (Whether that was a productive allocation of resources is up to you.) While they have been approved by the FDA, they’ll be labeled as genetically modified. That’s because, to achieve their pretty hue, they’re engineered to produce lower levels of certain enzymes that convert lycopene (a pink pigment that gives tomatoes and watermelons their color) into beta-carotene (a yellow pigment).

The moral of the story is that while pink pineapples are FDA-approved, they’re also GMOs—aka definitely not organic. So while they are purportedly safe to consume, we think we’ll stick to using them as summer-y decorations (and Instagram props).

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