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We Just Discovered the Holy Grail of Sweat-Wicking Undies
Uwila Warrior

Have you ever been working out and suddenly find yourself completely distracted and unsettled by an epic wedgie? We’ve all been there, but really the last thing you want to worry about when you’re pushing through a challenging run is your underwear. That’s why we were more than willing to try out new lingerie brand Uwila Warrior and its perfect-fit guarantee, which ensures you won't have to deal with any picking, pulling or adjusting or Uwila will refund your money (and you still get to keep the first pair).

The verdict: We’re never working out in any other undies. Seriously, these are the triple threat: They are completely wedgie-proof and panty-line-free, and they wick away sweat like a dream.

Yours truly was so comfortable on my first run wearing them that I spent a solid half mile marveling at how much easier it felt to work out when I didn’t have to deal with the usual rotation of fit issues. Now, we do feel obliged to mention that these babies clock in at a hefty $42 a pair. But can you put a price on a wedgie-free existence? We're here to say: worth it.

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