This New Anna Kendrick Movie Just Shot to the Top of Netflix’s Top-Rated List

We already knew that Netflix’s all-new space movie, Stowaway, was going to be astronomical (sorry, had to), but we never expected it to become this popular this fast.

The film just premiered on the streaming service a few days ago, and it’s already claimed the number one spot on Netflix’s list of most-watched flicks. (It’s currently ranked ahead of American Me, Thunder Force, Synchronic, The Little Rascals and The Secret Life of Pets 2.)

Stowaway is pretty much a cross between Away and The Midnight Sky. The story line follows a highly qualified trio of astronauts as they embark on a two-year mission to Mars. Everything is going smoothly—that is, until the crew realizes that a shuttle technician accidentally joined their voyage after he was injured (and knocked unconscious) shortly before takeoff.

The captain is faced with a horrifying dilemma when she’s forced to decide the fate of each crew member, as there isn’t enough oxygen onboard the shuttle for all four to survive. Gulp.

In addition to Kendrick, Stowaway also stars Daniel Dae Kim (The Divergent Series: Insurgent), Shamier Anderson (Race) and Toni Collette (The Sixth Sense). The movie was directed by Joe Penna (Arctic), who also penned the screenplay alongside Ryan Morrison (Release).

Netflix, we’re officially ready for blastoff.

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