‘Scandi-Blonde’ Is In, and It’s Basically ‘Hygge’ for Your Hair

scandi blonde

Emilia Clarke’s ice blonde Khaleesi has been our blonde inspiration since 2011, but with Game of Thrones coming to end, so too is the reign of platinum white everything. What’s next? Instead of Winterfell, think Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

According to color specialist Harriet Muldoon from the London salon Larry King, “Scandi blonde” is primed to become the “it” color of 2019. But how exactly does it differ from the “smoked marshmallow” and “toasted coconut” blondes that popped up last year?

The Scandi style is still very close to bright platinum, but with creamy or buttery undertones, which create a warmer look than the silvery vibes of late. It’s basically hygge in a hair color.

"Combining both warm and cool tones within the toner is the perfect way to get an even balance. Too many cool tones would render it icy, while overdoing warm ones would end up brassy,” Muldoon explained in an interview with Glamour UK.

Now, if you need us, we’ll be combing through photos of our favorite Scandinavian street-style stars in preparation for our next salon visit.

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