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Emilia Clarke Reminisces About Her Favorite Part of Being Platinum Blonde

Rocking a platinum blonde ’do has its perks. Just ask Emilia Clarke.

The 32-year-old Game of Thrones actress recently box-dyed her hair brown for the Oscars after rocking Daenerys Targaryen–inspired locks for nearly a year. And while she admits she was happy to get back to her natural hair color, there’s still a part of her that misses being blonde.

For one, Clarke explained during an interview with, she enjoyed “walking around with a permanent accessory” on her head. Yes, in the world of Emilia Clarke, platinum blonde locks are the only accessory a gal needs.

She explained her hair journey over the past year, saying, “I went blonde and I was so excited about it. I was just like, ‘Yes! Fresh start.’ With peroxide blonde hair, you literally need no accessories; you’re walking around with a permanent accessory on your head.” Amen…although we never thought of it like that.

Clarke went on to explain that being blonde was “really fun while it lasted” but having her hair “dyed to death” took a toll. Ultimately, she decided she’d “exhausted the look” for as long as she could, and on a whim, dyed her hair brown.

“Going back to brunette, when I first did it, I must’ve looked in the mirror and was like, ‘This girl? I walked away from this girl. She’s a different person from who I am now,’” she mused.  “But now, my hair feels so much better for being brunette and it’s a bit more me, but a me that I’m much happier with than when I was brunette before.”

As anyone who’s decided to go blonde (or get bangs) can tell you, there’s nothing like getting back to au natural.

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