Your Weekly Horoscopes: March 28 to April 3, 2021

The week starts off with a bang as the full moon in Libra on the 28th is sure to make things complicated. Full moons are culminations—a time to get it all out there! Though Libra is associated with balance and the delicate politics of relationships (less is more), this lunation makes issues we would usually sweep under the rug completely unavoidable. What if speaking our mind actually brings us closer?

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

12 aries

The Libra full moon on the 28th lights up your partnership sector, putting a spotlight on your relationship dynamics. Whether you’re renewing a connection or pulling the plug, with chatty Mercury meeting up with hazy Neptune on the 29th, you might feel more comfortable expressing yourself through a curated Spotify playlist than a straight-forward chat. Whichever way you go about it, take your time: This conversation is important.

This week’s mantra: Connection is a type of curation.

1 taurus

Though Aries season has you focused on rest and relaxation, the full moon in Libra on the 28th forces you back into the grind—if only for a day. Whether it’s an emergency vet visit or a nightmare trip to the DMV, you’re pushed right into the heat of a battle. As the week continues, you’re able to step away again and realize that your break has helped you get clear on some goals for your career. Productivity isn’t always the answer!

This week’s mantra: Time makes things clear.

2 gemini

Let’s be real: The pandemic has not helped anyone’s dating game. And for someone like you, who thrives on meeting people when you’re out and about, this has been a particularly bleak dry spell. But this week’s full moon on the 28th falls in your romance sector and brings a flirtation out of your DMs and into reality. Embrace the moment and let yourself have a little fun.

This week’s mantra: You’ve still got it!

3 cancer

You’re everybody’s “mom friend,” but have you been ignoring your own needs? This week’s full moon on the 28th lights up your home and family sector, reminding you that it’s OK to take a break from the hustle and care for yourself. You’ve been making waves in your career, so why not cook up a celebratory five-course meal? You deserve that slow-roasted salmon, those garlicky vegetables and that gluten-free chocolate cake.

This week’s mantra: Take it slow.

4 leo

The full moon on the 28th falls in your communication sector and suddenly, everyone is back in touch. Your childhood BFF who has been MIA since the beginning of the pandemic, your sister who’s usually too busy with her kids and even a crush from your college days are all hitting you up. Though these might seem like your typical catch-ups, you never know what might result in an enduring business partnership or even your next great romance. Keep your options open.

This week’s mantra: The world is waiting for you.

5 virgo

Since Aries season kicked off, you’ve been stressed out about your cashflow. All of those bills you’ve been ignoring are finally catching up with you—even though you could have sworn you had another six months left of 0 percent APR on that credit card. Luckily the full moon on the 28th falls in your money sector and could bring an unexpected (but much needed) financial windfall. For once, you don’t have to ask for a raise or pray for new clients, the money is flowing to you.

This week’s mantra: Abundance is a mindset.

6 libra

The full moon on the 28th is here to remind you that your most important relationship is! Self-care should be a joy, but for someone like you who tends to get wrapped up in everyone else’s story, taking time for yourself can be disorienting and even painful. Tap into your creativity, buy some new pieces for your wardrobe and take yourself on a date. Let yourself do things for the pure joy of it.

This week’s mantra: You’re the star.

7 scorpio

This week’s full moon on the 28th falls in your unconscious sector, and if you’re feeling burned out, it’s time to take a break. Since Aries season began, you’ve been pushing yourself to new limits—getting back into a fitness routine, picking up everyone else’s slack at the office or catching up on errands. If you take Sunday—and let’s be real, maybe Monday too—off to rest and recharge, you’re able to get back to work refreshed later in the week.

This week’s mantra: Do not disturb.

8 sagittarius

What’s your dream, Sagittarius? Aries season has put you back in touch with pleasure and heated things up romantically so now your task is to bring more of that into your life year-round. The full moon on the 28th lights up the part of your chart that represents goals and aspirations. Are you on your way to creating your ideal reality? Or are you still hiding from the things you really want? Now’s the time to gather some friends, let them know the plan and take the leap.

This week’s mantra: Just jump in!


This week’s full moon on the 28th lights up your career sector. What intentions did you set in October and have you made any progress on them? If the goals you set then were truly aligned with your values, this could be a moment to celebrate some amazing achievements. Alternately (and TBH, more likely), this is a time to let go of all the things you think you “should” be doing and discover what you actually want. Let yourself be seen.

This week’s mantra: Failure is part of the journey.

10 aquarius

Aries season has been busy. Whether you’re teaching yourself how to code, ushering your kids around town to activities or forcing yourself to cook every night rather than getting takeout, there’s always something to do. This week’s full moon on the 28th is here to get you back in touch with your inspiration. Schedule a chat with a mentor or take an afternoon to check out some art or music. Though you can’t take a big trip, you can find other ways to expand your mind.

This week’s mantra: Open up your horizons.

11 pisces

You’re known for having your head in the clouds, and this week’s astro weather makes it even more difficult to stay grounded. The full moon on the 28th brings a stressful financial situation from October back into focus—how are taxes due...again? Then on the 29th, Mercury meets up with Neptune in your sign, making everything you say and write come out poetic at best and illegible at worst. Though you want to run away from your money problems, handle this now and it won’t come up again.

This week’s mantra: Nothing is certain but death and taxes.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram @jaimeallycewright or subscribe to her newsletter.

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